Is Israel planning a false flag terror attack in Montreal?

Canadians Avert False Flag from Noworld Odour on Vimeo.

Update on now-released anti-Zionist political prisoner Brendon O’Connell

RailroadedPerthPerth man Brendon O’Connell was released from prison in January this year and is back in the saddle. Prior to his arrest more than three years ago, O’Connell was getting in the face of Zionists and exposing the Israeli Mossad’s illegal activities in Australia. Here is a video update on his current status.

Part I

Part II

Here is a fascinating interview with many insights from a national security whistleblower: Brendon O’Connell taking questions from the web designer of, recorded in a Merredin Roadhouse..

With a special Introduction from Stopfundingisraels’ Steve Johnson, the interview touches on Brendons’ three year jail term for racial vilification. It also exposes the inside machinations of the State Security Intelligence Group (SSIG) , the false promises and the pressure applied externally.

ORIGINAL FULL Brendon O’Connells First Fruits Video here:


Here is O’Connell’s Tube Channel and Blog

Australian imprisoned for criticizing Zionism denied parole by judeo-masonic courts

Free Speech Dead Free Brendon OConnell

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

Brendon O’Connell, the Perth man who was handed a three-year prison term in 2011 for publicly criticizing a Zionist then posting it online, was denied parole this past summer. Here is a breakdown of the application as well as an interview with O’Connell from prison.

I developed a friendship with O’Connell a few years before his arrest, and it was clear that he was being stalked and raided by certain authorities, perhaps intelligence agents, for his work exposing the Israeli Mossad’s covert operations in Australia, like the Mossad’s infiltration of Sydney Rail.