Former evangelical-turned Orthodox priest destroys evangelicalism

Podcast Series by Father Andrew Stephen Damick of St. Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church of Emmaus, Pennsylvania:

Part 1a – Fr. Andrew introduces Evangelicalism as it comes out of the Pietistic and Revivalist movements.
Part 1b – Fr. Andrew explores the understanding of salvation in the Evangelical tradition.
Part 1c – Fr. Andrew concludes the first part of his survey of Evangelicalism by discussing the topics of dualism, incarnation and eschatology.

Part 2a – Fr. Andrew begins part two of his study of Evangelicalism by exploring some of the denominations which arose: restorationist, adventist, holiness, non-denominationalism, dispensationalism
Part 2b – Fr. Andrews concludes his description of Evangelicalism with a brief survey of the following: Emerging Church, Missional, New Calvinists, Ancient-Future

The Magisterial Reformation
Part 1a – Fr. Andrew begins his look at the Magisterial Reformation which includes the 5 “Solas.” In this episode he examines “Sola Scriptura” or Scripture Alone.
Part 1b – Fr. Andrew continues his examination of the 5 “solas” in reformational theology looking today at Sola Fide (by faith alone), Solus Christus (through Christ alone), Sola Gratia (by grace alone), and Soli Deo Gloria (glory to God alone). For his talk on Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) see the previous episode.
Part 2a – Fr. Andrew examines the distinctives of the denominations that arose from the Magisterial Reformation: Lutheranism, Calvinism
Part 2b – Fr. Andrew continues his examination of the denominations that arose from the Magisterial Reformation: Calvinism, Zwinglianism, Presbyterianism, Anglicanism, Methodism

*To be updated as new podcasts become available

Ted Pike brings in Zionism through the back door

Ted Pike ZionistBy Timothy Fitzpatrick

Before I begin this brief critique of so-called truth teller Reverend Ted Pike, I want to redefine the definition of Zionism to something I feel is more accurate.

Zionism: the belief that God has set aside a tract of land in the Middle East for ethnic Jews for all eternity as long as they are obedient.

Ted Pike, a well known “anti-Zionist” in the anti-Zionist community, is actually perpetuating the Zionist myth, although in a subtler manner, through his “Bible studies” at his website TruthTellers and in his documentary videos, specifically The Other Israel and Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance. With titles like these, you would think there would be no hint of Zionism in his teachings on Bible prophecy, but, unfortunately, this is not the case. And with his campaign against the Babylonian Talmud and Jewish ADL-sponsored hate laws, his anti-Zionism appears even more legitimate.

Pike a premillennialist Zionist

Give even a casual look at the roots of Christian Zionism and you will inevitably encounter a prophetical teaching known as premillennial dispensationalism. Many evangelical Christians and Protestants the world over adhere to this heretical school of thought, which is driving the end times delusion and the massacre by Israel of almost all of its neighbours, especially the Palestinians. What may surprise subscribers of Pike is that while he is not a dispensational believer—which, in this context, basically teaches that Jews are saved under their own Mosaic covenant (the law)—he does believe in premillennialism, which teaches that the Seventy Weeks Messianic prophecy in the Book of Daniel, the millennial reign of Christ, and the redemption of the Jews have not yet taken place. Some may argue that one can be anti-Zionist and premillennialist simultaneously, but, as Pike demonstrates in his confused prophetic world, it’s pretty much impossible. Pike claims a “remnant” of Jews will be saved in the future end times and will re-obtain the land, even though there was already a remnant of Jews saved in the time of Jesus, the apostles, and at the 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem. I guess he doesn’t think Jesus’ redemptive work at His first coming was good enough to save all who would believe, so Jesus must come a second time redeem the Jews separately, at which point Jesus supposedly sets up an Earthly Zionist kingdom for 1,000 years. This is not taught in the Bible. It is a Jewish-centric heresy based on exclusivism—an exclusivism taught only in the unholy Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah. To Bible scholars, this heresy is known as postponement theory—a sort of postponed Zionism.

Pseudo anti-Zionism

A word about anti-Zionists in general. Orthodox Jewish “anti-Zionists” are only anti-Zionist in the sense that, if Jews are disobedient to God, they do not obtain the right to dwell in Israel. So, these anti-Zionist Jews are actually Zionists, according to my definition above. They do believe that Jews would have a right to dwell in Israel, just as long as they are obedient. In other words, they are only anti-Zionist while the Jews are disobedient. Pike basically echoes these same pseudo-anti-Zionist beliefs. So, Pike, too, is a Zionist and believes the Jews will return to the land when Jesus supposedly comes a second time to redeem only the special Jews and rapture everyone else. The redemptive work of Christ on the cross is not enough for Pike and his Jewish gods. No, Christ must come again, merely for the sake of the special Jews, who rejected and crucified Him.

Universalism or Zionism?

The Bible, as well as the Early Church for 1,500-plus years, has taught that Old Testament Zionism was a temporal means to an end and, in and of itself, was never the intention of God from the beginning. It was to be a mere model of the true Zion, which was to be the entire world in obedience to God and the entire Earth as the land for believers in Christ Jesus. This is where we get the word “Catholic.” It means universalism, not exclusivism as the Zionists preach. This universalism, not to be confused with the secular definition of the term, has been taught by the Early Church onwards through the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. It wasn’t until Illuminist Jews and Freemasons wised up and distorted Bible prophecy that we were propagandized with this premillennial Zionist teaching. That and a twisting of Daniels 70-weeks prophecy has confused the good majority of American Christians and resulted in their unwavering support of Israel and Jews. It has also robbed them of enjoying the blessings from living under the millennial reign of our Lord Jesus Christ, who ascended to His throne almost 2,000 years ago. Premillennialists like Pike would have you believe that Jesus hasn’t ascended to His Throne yet. Pike can only conclude that Jesus is waiting in limbo somehwere.

70 weeks copy

Pike’s hyper Preterist strawman

Pike attempts to justify his false prophecy by putting all alternative views to premillennialism into the tiny box of hyper, or full, preterism. Full preterism is a heretical prophetical view that teaches that absolutely all Bible prophecy has been fulfilled. Without getting too technical, the Early Church’s prophetical teaching has always been more of a partial-preterist or historical view, which basically means that the majority of Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, especially the crucial Seventy Weeks Prophecy. Partial preterism and historicism are very different from hyper preterism, but that doesn’t matter to Pike; he is setting up a strawman. It also allows Pike to endorse the Judeo-Masonic inspired Seventy Week gap theory. Pike and his evangelical Zionist cohorts, including John Hagee, twist the Book of Daniel so that the final 70th week is separated (for no Biblical or logical reason) from the preceding 69 weeks, and tosses into the future so that Jews can be elevated again to godhood. I shall soon post a comprehensive article on the 70 Weeks deception and how it is based in a Rabbinical command to deceive Christians.

Ted Pike’s rabbinical connection

In 2006, author Michael Hoffman alerted his readers to Ted Pike’s connection with Orthodox Jewish rabbi Daniel Lapin. Hoffman points out Pike’s compromise in supporting Lapin merely because he is a perceived cultural conservative and the false belief that it’s only leftist or secular Jews that are out to get us. He illustrates how this Jewish dualism plays both liberals and conservatives alike in a sort Hegelian dialectic. Hoffman writes,

Orthodox Judaics have positioned themselves on both sides of the issue. Orthodox Judaic Foxman represents the Leftist ideal of secularism, while Orthodox Judaic Lapin is seen to attack Foxman in public, while offering support for the Right. To penetrate and overthrow this dialectic, we must anticipate the ultimate synthesis toward which this rabbinic chess game is oriented.

Part of Pike’s response to Hoffman reads,

One of the most powerful tools for awakening the church and nation was provided by Rabbi Daniel Lapin of ‘Toward Tradition,’ a politically conservative, orthodox Jewish organization in Seattle…Actually, Rabbi Lapin’s persistent admonitions to American Jews to deeply appreciate America and its Christian culture fulfill God’s command to exiled Jews to seek the peace and welfare of the nations in which they dwell (Jer. 29:4).

hopeofisraelPike is insinuating the heresy that a remnant shall be saved in the future and bring all Jews back into Israel while endorsing an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, who is under the curse of the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah. Pike has been duped. The idea that a remnant of Jews will be saved, as described in the Book of Romans, in the future, is another postponed Zionism heresy. James B. Jordan wrote a brilliant piece shattering this myth, The late author Phillip Mauro wrote extensively on the lies of postponement theory, especially in The Hope of Israel.

A call to repentance

This post is not meant as a personal attack on Ted Pike. He appears to be sincere in his convictions, as heretical and confusing as they are. I hope this post will alert subscribers of Pike as well as Pike himself to the anti-Christ nature of his prophetical views.

Are American evangelical organizations Illuminati fronts?

Kabbalah churches

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

With the initial turn to apostasy by the Church through Kabbalism in the 15th and 16 centuries, it’s no surprise that churches today, particularly the American evangelical movement, are continuing this anti-Christ tradition.

Following the Jewish subversion of the Universal Church in the 15th century and the ensuing Protestant movement, which was a direct result, Kabbalism became the fiery pit between sound doctrine and full on heresy and apostasy that gripped Christendom.

Today, this Kabbalistic-Illuminati tradition has been championed by evangelical organizations in the United States of America, which have been deceiving and thieving in the name of Christ since the 1960s cultural revolution, when the Illuminati decided to step up its revolutionary activities under the guise of Christian revivalism and Jesus-rock.

It’s not hard to spot this Illuminist infiltration of Christianity. It basically works on the foundation of Christian Zionism (dispensationalism) under seductive doctrines promising riches and rewards (prosperity gospel or word of faith movement) to lure sleeping and unwitting masses to disappointment, and ultimately to heresy and apostasy. The other dead giveaway is the charismatic movement’s emphasis  on signs and wonders, which is nothing more than the serpent spirit of the Kabbalistic Kundalini parading around as manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

There are currently hundreds, perhaps thousands, of evangelical organizations operating in the world. I am not claiming that all of them are agents of the Illuminati, but certainly the big players are.


Trinity Broadcasting Network, an international television broadcaster founded in 1973 by the wealthy Paul Crouch, is the largest of these evangelical organizations. With a roster of Judaizing, Masonic, money-grubbing swindlers who dupe their audience through charismatic tales of receiving riches and rewards if only they give their money to the ministry, TBN has found the perfect avenue for removing the true doctrine of Jesus Christ from the hearts of Americans and those around the world while raking in millions of dollars from its victims. In 2010 alone, TBN received $92 million in donations from viewers as well $175 million in tax-free revenue.

Whether it’s Zionist heretics like Perry Stone or dispensational king Hal Lindsey instructing their faithful with the same doctrines of demons that deluded the Hussites, Taborites, and Calvinists centuries ago, or prosperity preachers like T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen robbing the sick, elderly, and poor of their money, Satan is alive and well in the growing American evangelical movement. John Hagee, perhaps the most notorious Zionist zealot in the evangelical movement today, epitomizes the anti-Christ character of all of the TBN personalities; although, his ministry is less prosperity-based than the others and more doctrine-focused.  He has successfully merged the evangelical movement to American foreign policy through his outspoken support of the state of Israel and his fables of Islamic hegemony in the world.

Unsurprisingly, TBN has been at the center of financial and sexual scandals. In 1994, the Los Angeles Times reported that founder Crouch paid his limo driver, Enoch Lonnie Ford, $425,000 hush money over his homosexual affair with the man, presumably funded by the donations of viewers. In March 2012, two former TBN staffers accused the network of defrauding tens of millions of dollars from its donors. What’s more, the claimants are related to the defendants, Paul Sr. and Jan Crouch. And let’s not forget about the scandals involving Jimmy Swaggart (caught sleeping with a prostitute) or Zionist-funded Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, who, like the Crouch family, defrauded their followers.

Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker—when their “PTL” broadcasting empire fell, it turned out that a Jewish Orthodox billionaire in Canada secretly owned all the PTL assets and property. In prison, convict Jim Bakker, ordained by the Assembly of God denomination, reportedly went to a Catholic priest to confess his sins. (Source)

Jim Bakker was also accused of raping staffer Jessica Hahn, whom he allegedly paid off to keep quiet.


The Christian Broadcasting Network, a sister of TBN founded by Zionist Pat Robertson in 1961, is more of the same Judaeo-Masonic subversion of the Church. Its cast of characters is second-rate compared to TBN’s larger roster of saboteurs but no less deceptive. Robertson is an interesting character. His book, New World Order (1991), indicates that he, like fellow evangelists Stanley Monteith (Radio Liberty) and Jack Van Impe, is a gatekeeper who conceals the true nature of the New World Order while externalizing the hierarchy to his audience. The ministry’s dispensational prophetical view, like that of TBN’s, only further exploits its followers to New World Order initiatives and Illuminati politics (Zionism), particularly through its teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture heresy. One TBN production, the movie Left Behind and its sequels (written by  Tim Lahaye, who sports the Knights Templar crown and cross logo in his works), landed mainstream promotion in Zionist-run Hollywood. Hollywood obviously only supports Illuminati-run Christian organizations like TBN and its cohorts and opposes non-Kosher productions, like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, which fielded extensive opposition and even threats from Hollywood’s Jewish elite. Lahaye, who has connections to the occultist Moonies and the CIA, together with fellow Zionist Paul Lalonde, produced his heretical movies in conjunction with the high occult holidays.

Charisma Magazine Kabbalah Freemasonry

Charisma Magazine, an American Pentecostal revivalist publication owned by Charisma Media, incorporates both the Kabbalah eternal flame and Masonic OTO downward dove in its logos. Charisma Media CEO Steve Strang is a Zionist. His Twitter page shows him attending a Chanukah celebration with members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Kabbalah and Freemasonry

Robert Schuler, Billy Graham, and Kenneth Copeland—all high-ranking Freemasons—are veteran preachers at TBN. Freemasonry, which is based on the Jewish Kabbalah, is Judaism for gentiles and functions as the assembling mechanism for the WASP establishment, as it was in 16th century England. With Masonic symbols like the Ordo Templi Orientis’ downward dove featured in the TBN logo and that of Calvary Chapel, it’s likely that the Evangelical movement is crawling with Freemasons. Masonic affiliation is likely a prerequisite to making it in the big-money world of televangelism.  TBN’s logo is characterized by a coat of arms bearing a strong resemblance to that of the Jewish-Illuminati Rothschild’s, but that is hardly a surprise with emphasis on Zionist dispensationalism throughout their ministries. TBN also features The Omega Code, which teaches Jewish magic, particularly gematria, to its audience, despite the fact that Kabbalism and Christianity are polar opposites. One is the teachings of men and demons while the other is the Word of the Creator of the universe, Jesus Christ.

The Kabbalah eternal flame depicted as representing the Pentecostal/charismatic movement. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, asIDF the Pentecostal church is as Zionist and dispensational as they come.

The late ex-Illuminatus John Todd went on the record in the 1970s and 1980s to state that the charismatic movement, which evolved into the Jesus rock movement on the U.S. west coast, was directly financed by the Illuminati. Todd claimed to have personally handed a cheque to Calvary Chapel, headed by Chuck Smith. Smith’s protégé, Chuck Missler, is a staunch Zionist who advocates Kabbalah through such teachings as the Bible codes theory and covert gematria (See my article exposing Chuck Missler and Calvary Chapel). Several other ministries, including Charisma Magazine, present gematria and even the Zodiac as Holy.

It’s in the their logos!

Almost all of the aforementioned evangelical organizations and personalities use some kind of Illuminati symbolism, whether it’s the downward dove of the OTO (TBN, Calvary Chapel, Charisma Magazine) pointing to the hellish place to where their doctrines lead, the Kabbalah eternal flame (TBN, CBN, The 700 Club, Charisma Magazine, Jack Van Impe Ministries, Koinonia House) or the Jewish-Babylonian hexagram (Perry Stone and most Messianic Jewish organizations). The logos are a manifestation of the occult’s language of symbolism and probably invoke all kinds of demonic entities that surround the ministries and their staffers.

The Kabbalah eternal flame’s occult meaning.

The hermetics tell us the following about the “Holy Flame”:

The five letters of the flame is the key Name of the mysteries, it is the name of the Redeemer. In the Flame are the secrets of Alchemy and transmutation, and this flame burns eternally.

The illustration at the top of this article shows how each ministry logo depicts a flame divided into three parts, similar to the multiple-meanings of the Kabbalah eternal flame.

The ministry logos, the Illuminist doctrines, and the largely masonic composition of personalities within the American evangelical movement—all reveal the true nature of this Kabbalistic pseudo-Christian entity.