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  1. Is there a way to contact you?

  2. You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Yay! Go you! If you wish to take part, there is more information available here: http://defusingchaos.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/award-nomination/

  3. Good work!!
    You’re welcome to use any of my cartoons on your site.

  4. donna

     /  September 8, 2013

    HI there…I was wondering if you would have links to the videos. It says your videos are no longer available. I love your site, it’s unique!

  5. Brad

     /  April 9, 2014

    Thank you for this compilation. It’s very encompassing of that which I’m trying to ‘get out there’ as a message to those who can’t see the forest for the trees. I appreciate the work you have put into this blog! You’ve made my own efforts much easier and faster at getting different pieces of information as they pertain to different people and subjects that I often reference.
    Again, thank you so very much!\

  6. Post censored from public at user’s request.

  7. Olivia

     /  April 13, 2014

    content withheld at user’s request

    • I see the signs in this film, but I think they are inadvertent. People can get carried away with these signs and symbols. There has to be corroborating evidence, like if Springmeier said other things to indicate that he was a shill. I don’t see it. He is not getting a significant push from anyone, really. In contrast, look how much push the mainstream media is giving to shills like Alex Jones, Mark Dice, and Jesse Ventura. Springmeier’s Be Wise As Serpents book is probably his best work. Bloodlines, while an excellent book too, is more of a Who’s Who. Be Wise get’s into the driving mechanism/philosophy behind the conspiracy.

  8. We know that Jesus Christ of the King Jesus Bible formally called the king james bible , for we know we have to King but Jesus Christ , Jacob which is what the English james is , Jesus told us ye shall know them by their fruits .
    What say you of the un-holy roman papists? Look the bible and I agree with you on most things about the Zionists and masons . Look at the fruits of rome , it is quite obvious it has been subverted by the jews for almost 2 millennium . I do believe there once was a true body of believers in rome , but was perverted early on .
    Jesus Christ did not rebel against His Father’s commandments , but rome does and has
    the pope is an antichrist just as is the false state of Israel is an antichrist , just as the English monarchy is antichrist .

    Where do you stand on this issue of the satanic un-holy roman institution and its antichrist head the pope who claims to be Christ .

    Jesus Christ bless you in your pursuit of the truth

    • My stance as an adherent of the Orthodox Christian faith is that at the very least, post-Vatican II Catholicism is anti-Christ.

  9. Tim Fitz, when you say Orthodox Christian Faith, do you mean as in Greek/ Russian/ Coptic Orthodox faith?
    I’ve been trying to post some info on Mutt Lange/ Want Mat, but my post gets rejected. Please advise.

    • Yes, the standard definition of Orthodox Christianity. Perhaps try posting the Lange information again.

    • Well, the Greek & Russian Orthodox churches display the eye in the pyramid above the Last Supper. Also some churches have chandeliers which when viewed from a distance, appear to be within a pyramid structure. Now the implications cannot be lost on you, right? As far as I know, the Coptic Orthodox church does not do this. I have pics to send you, if you wish.

      Will test posting on the Mutt Lange issue, but if its rejected again, will post it here.

    • I doubt any Church is free from infiltration.

  10. T.J.

     /  June 13, 2014

    I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago, and I have to say I would rather read your articles then those from other sites with comparable content. Your writing ability and insight about secrets and hidden truths, allows average readers to relate to hard to understand knowledge and understandings. This is not an easy task, because smart people usually tend to speak over peoples heads, {which is actually, that speakers true inability to be able to relate to others). Lies from the MSM and historical sources need to be called out and analyzed for truth and you seem to be able to do that with relative ease and without losing your main narrative/objective in all your articles. Thank you and keep up the good work, word of mouth is going to make your site/blog very popular.

  11. TF
    You sound/seem like real deal. And seem led to you.
    This illuminati and more asset wants out. Needs help and much to share. If led and open please share.

  12. Jorge Bizarro

     /  September 23, 2014

    I’m using this to contact you and welcome your expert opinion on these private catholic prophetic messages related to Fatima & Israel. I have been reading these long enough to have seen virtually everything come to be. They shed some light on how God sees Israel today and especially Jerusalem.
    I can’t find nothing in them (catholic doctrine, morality, etc) that sound like heretic.
    I’m catholic by birth, born in Lisbon, Portugal and have been reading, studying and discerning the modern times Catholic prophetic phenomenon. There are many fakes, but these are peculiarly startling.
    Here: http://www.locutions.org
    Thanks for any tip or insight on this in advance.

  13. JH

     /  October 6, 2014

    Satan is the father of lies. And has been tiring man on the false sense of Jesus’s coming. When no man is promised tomorrow. A spiritual train of the dead has been widely growing since many of our cultures and religeons don’t know where their loved ones soul truly is.

    A wounded dragon is gaining ground on a supremacy once lost and will began to make martyr’s of those who choose to fight for God’s truth. As in the time of Nero. 144,000 is what i’ve been brought up to understand are the advent (little flock) still fighting the good fight on lifes narrow path to salvation. They are the ones who live to see Jesus second coming. The faithful followers of Jesus are to be sealed from the 7 last plagues as in Revelation that have been foretold for those who choose to listen. But must still endure a little longer.. The 144,000 will stand with those believers who died in Jesus Christ. Some larger in stature compared to modern man. Since before the flood man was quite large. Bones and complete skeleton remains have been found to prove man was larger at some point here on earth. God bless and let us never forget to pray to our Father in the Heavens to give us the light of truth to discern for ourselves and allow us to endure the false path Satan lays before all men. Amen to you brothers and sisters in Christ, let no man be quick to anger but share the love of Chirst, A-men

    • formitable

       /  October 19, 2014

      JH, you looking and asking questions…Jesus promised to give the answers if you diligently seek him. You must ask to be filled with the Holy Ghost and He will lead you in the paths of righteousness for his names sake. Stay with sound doctrines and avoid the commandments and doctrines of men. If you have the Holy Ghost, our Fathers name is already written in your forehead if you continue, holding fast till the end. Avoid vain philosophies and the deceits of men!

      There are 2 groups in Chapter 14 of Revelation: the 144,000 redeemed from the earth and they are on Mt. Zion! The other is where the angel (church) goes to preach the gospel of salvation. One is the Law the other is the Testimony by which we are to speak in truth, the Word of God, I AM. Then the warning of judgment. Babylon is fallen is fallen SHE made the nations drunk. This is the Harlot, the unfaithful woman, Babylon the Great, is fallen is fallen (the two-horns of the false prophet). Another warning of not worshiping the Beast or His Image. Then the harvest of True Christians and the destruction of the wicked in the winepress. Like chapter 13 there is a picture or canvass being given to us to understand a whole picture from beginning to end. It compliments chapter 13, where 13 was a detailed description, 14 is more general but they compliment each other for understanding. Jesus in 14 says: “Rev 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. In my understanding it shows again the LAW Old Testament and Testimony New Testament. They are complimentary. Us without them and them without us is unfulfilled and incomplete; now it is complete. The 144,000 faithful Old Testament saints and the ones who come forth from the preaching of the everlasting gospel…Those who stood with Jesus against the onslaught of Satan, under the Law (144,000) then us at his coming, which was quite a feat considering what we read happened to these faithful witnesses…these will come with Jesus and will always accompany him as friends and a witness forever. Remember there WAS A RESURRECTION when Jesus Christ arose! Hummmmm Another at his coming. The Law and Testimony become one, both witnesses of salvation. One is a shadow the other is substance.

  14. formitable

     /  October 20, 2014

    Fitz: I thought I left a post for ajmacdonaldjr today, addressed AJ, the 19th but it appears that it did not post or the gremlins ate it. Please see if you have one that did not get posted.
    PS you might think of setting up a email address just for this type situation that is separate from any other address you may have.

    • Looks like the spam filter snagged your post. I get a ton of comment spam, unfortunately.

    • formitable

       /  October 20, 2014

      Fitz can you find it in your spam folder dated Oct 20? Formitable…I will repost if you cannot find it. Should be the only one dated the 20th. Thanks sorry may be my fault for using a masked email address.

  15. Joe American

     /  July 22, 2015

    Timothy Fitzpatrick,
    I read your article on Alex Jones and the JBS.
    What struck me the most was your Dis-information and lies about “the fluoride and vaccine conspiracy”.

    The Truth about fluoride and vaccines is more real and more honest than you.
    You are a deceiver and probable controlled opposition.
    Awake Americans see through this and YOUR NWO Non-Sense very easy now.This is why your comments are very old and there is nothing new from you, at least on this CoinIntelPro dis-info crap blog.
    Jesus is the way, the Truth and the Life.
    You choose the lie.

    • I never said that there wasn’t a fluoride or vaccine conspiracy. I believe there is. I simply pointed out that Jones and JBS always default to this position, which is really meaningless considering the bigger picture. Read more carefully next time.

    • To avoid further confusion, I updated this article to include:

      While there is a fluoride and vaccine conspiracy, it seems JBS and Jones are using these issues to legitimize their platforms so that they can deceive readers on other issues.

  16. Mr. Fitzpatrick, you have an interesting blog. I too write about the Illuminati, or what I call, the Antichrist Movement. How would you like to find out perhaps 2 of the biggest secrets the Illuminati been keeping from the world, including anti-Illuminati people?

    Well you can start by checking out “The European Jews are not Real Israelites”:

  17. alex

     /  September 18, 2015

    Mr. Fitzpatrick, I believe you have exposed the truth and methods about AJ.

    More than anything, what has told me that he is controlled opposition is that he has done nothing with his lofty perch, and certainly this fuels the abulia.

    however, I have also noticed, and know firsthand from my own efforts, that there is no figure whether it be public intellectual or media, Great or humble, who has ever/will ever make/made any effort to seek the people out and create an organizational response to all of this.

    What about you?

  18. Mr.Fitzpatrick, Wayne Morin Jr here-There are two new videos just done by Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel Michael Hoffman go to YouTube. I would have sent links the two names of the new shows but the length of words content. The total time of the two new shows are more the 2 hours. Great information on the “Judaism Discovered” by Michael A. Hoffman II. .

  19. So are you Catholic or Orthodox, and by Catholic I mean pre-Vat II Catholic?

  20. Please look into Dominionism in the right-wing conservative political realm. It joins more dots and explains Jones and Glenn Beck’s true roots, and it explains the what the JBSers are up to politically.

  21. Brigitt Graves

     /  June 29, 2016

    Eustace Mullins wrote a book called New World Order, he died. Pat Robertson plagerized this book and profited handsomely, he renamed it The New World Order.

  22. rhonda

     /  September 28, 2016

    Hi, love your site, wish to know how to obtain ebook Final Judgement. God bless you and your family,keep up the good work.

  23. Tim … It would be helpful if you put a description about yourself, such as religious stance, so that viewers can avoid posting conflicts,

  24. Tim … I’m afraid you are getting your details from books and websites, like nearly everyone. Then anger has gotten the best of you, like almost everyone. You are merely one more one-sided view.
    I experienced operatives in the real world as a victim of them. There is no Judeo-Masonry. From an excellent investigative book, on Masonic history. Freemasonry was started by the Knights Templars fleeing the death order of the King in France.

    • Yeah right, 11mms. How about a truckload of Papal Encyclicals over the last 200 years warning about exactly what has now happened? Ever read “The Secrets of the Alta Vendita?” Go review that “information” then come back here and tell us there is no such thing as Masonry. What a laugh.

    • LOL, johnyvoxx. I didn’t say Masons don’t exist. How could that be?
      I meant that the Masons aren’t Judaic, they aren’t jews.
      If you want to know about real life, Masons hate jews.

  25. Alexander Emerick

     /  October 12, 2017


    The Bureau of Justice Statistics (the statistical agency of the injustice department) states: “Approximately 95% of all youth reporting staff sexual misconduct said they had been victimized by female staff. In 2008, 42% of staff in state juvenile facilities were female.”
    ( http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/svjfry09.pdf ) This disproves the idea that women are more likely to molest children just because they are around them more often and have more access. No. The statistical data shows that even when the pagan women have less access to children and are less than half of the staff in juvenile prisons they end up committing a staggering 95% of child rapes. So shocking is this statistic that journalist Laura Burke of the Texas Observer out of curiosity decided to contact the justice bureau of her home state of Texas concerning the figures of female victimization of youth, since she knows that ‘nationally’ 42% of staff in child prisons are females, and that in Texas 50% of juvenile hall staff employees are females (in the Texas Youth Commission, which is the biggest chain of child prisons in Texas and dominates almost 100% of youth prisons there); now this is what she said in regard to her inquiry: “The justice bureau will not release percentage breakdowns of sexual offenses by female employees in Texas, or at individual facilities. The bureau cites confidentiality as the reason.” (www.texasobserver.org/a-womans-touch/amp/?espv=1 )

    Birth control creates the female pagan child predator epidemic. Women who use it are such beasts of impurity that they are driven to murder in the 1st degree in an act of ultimate betrayal the children they conceive. This vicious act utterly permanently destroys their maternal (and feminine) instincts. Contraception murders already conceived children. It prevents them from attaching themselves to the womb after conception when they travel to that place. It would also seem there are tons of female sodomites (no doubt themselves child killers) in action too, because 14% of juvenile hall youth are females and this figure in general has not changed since 1997 (https://www.childtrends.org/indicators/juvenile-detention/ ) and yet 95% of all minors reporting child molestation say female staff did it. So statistically this means male staff are less likely to molest girls than their female staff counterparts, despite constituting over half of the staff in juvenile prisons. This tells us that it’s very much possible the majority of the female pedophiles in juvenile hall are sodomites and that the remainder who are not sodomites are nonetheless guilty of child murder (and that being a murderess of children is what drove sodomite women to be sodomite in the first place). It’s scientifically undeniable, birth control turns women into pedophiles. Young males in detention are being s-xually assaulted more so by female guards and caretakers than females in detention by male guards. Female staffers are more likely to committ s-xual assault and rape inmates than male staffers.

    Female staff committ more forcible s-xual assualt than male staff; indeed females committ 86% of it according to the 2012 BJS report of staff indecent misconduct in juvenile hall. Here is a situation in which women in complete power have no hesitation using it to hurt children. It shows that when presented with the opportunity women will rape and this should raise concerns not only about female staff in juvenile prisons, but women in general because women have much greater access to children than men. This means that people should suspect all contracepting women of being child rapists or potential child rapists and at the very least, as pedophiles. I repeat; women who use birth control are either active child predators, a developing child molester, or a child molester in training. Statistics do away with the ridiculous notion that s-xual violence is always or mostly male-on-female assaults.

    The epidemic of woman predators molesting school children is so bad that even CBS News has a well-updated special section on their website dedicated to showing the profile photos of teacher female molesters and briefly mentioning the details of their child molestations (https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/notorious-teacher-sex-scandals/2/ )

    According to Richard Nixon’s Commission on Obscenity for every female prostitute there are 9 underage male prostitutes. Birth control turns women into pedophiles. An extensive study in Canada found that high rates of homeless children are being molested. Staggeringly, 3/4 of the molestations of boys were done by adult women.
    (www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=604d29af-5999-47ec-a156-0f5bc96954f2 ) Arguably, pagan female child killers (among whom are many woman sodomites) are more intense in their child lust than male sodomites.

    With prescience Giuseppe Cardinal Siri (His Holiness Pope Gregory XVII) wrote on June 12th, 1960 the epistle “Notification Concerning Men’s Dress worn By Women”. Logically outlining the evil effects of women wearing pants, he said it leads to “the rising of the primary instincts” which “push forward to uncontrolled acts.” For such a change of clothing “helps to diminish the vital defenses of the sense of shame” or “obstructs that sense” and “when this sense of shame is absent because of some obstacle or impediment, then the relations between men and women degrade to pure sensuality devoid of all mutual respect and esteem.” He also says: “Experience teaches us that when the woman is de-feminized, then defenses are undermined and weakness increases.”

    He added: “What can these women give their children when they have worn trousers for so long that their self-esteem is determined more by their competition with men than by their function as women?”

    Indeed, the feminism heresy (of which contraception and wearing men’s clothing is a part) turns women into pedophiles. The statistics robustly go on. Apart from raping boys, pagan women harlots also love raping men, gang raping men, kidnapping and raping them; especially if the male victim is a handicap or blind or immobile or non-verbal or unconcious or sedated or restrained.

    These swine love to abuse the role of “care giver.” 12 years ago one careerist pedophile with the usual indiscretion, candor of snobbery and mockery, said: “Had an incident the other day, a pt. had a tight foreskin. First i couldn’t get the thing to go back, THEN couldn’t get it to go back over!! What didn’t help matters is that there wasn’t much to take hold of. Plus 5 sets of eyeballs watching.” Indeed, one only need peruse the blogs owned by nurses (which will not be named here because they are awful and moreover frequently criticized by doctor blogs and websites and a few nurse blogs as unprofessional and incredibly damaging to the profession) to discover their unladylike strange appetites; their supercilious ribaldry and shocking amount of inappropriate comments they make regarding the physique of boy patients, their belittling comments; detraction, their disturbingly fanatic attraction to minors, their fascination with personal areas of the body, their frank admissions of how they love it when they do “physicals” on boys, how they love to undress them and digitally penetrate the male part of boys with a catheter while the person is drugged under sedation (and in most cases then removing it prior to the child awaking, who never find out that they were undressed and lost their virginity) and this undoubtedly would constitute rape (this also happens to male adult patients). They also constantly love to gloat and bask in their status of total impunity and predation, the wide culture of acceptance of these deviancies, and how co-workers with ogling eyes watch and even participate in it. Any place of care of the vulnerable has always been a magnet for these types of perverts, who take pleasure in the degradation, hurt and humiliation of their victims. Indeed 6 female Minnesota teens at a nursing home raped their elderly patients (www.foxnews.com/story/2008/12/02/6-teens-charged-in-nursing-home-abuse.amp.html?espv=1). I mean, high school girls unleashed their devastating desires on the elderly, presumably after taking birth control.

    Women staff dominate rape and molestation statistics in schools, hospitals, and prisons. We are seeing female teachers having s-x with their
    young male students in record numbers, female prison guards being convicted of rape and s-xual assault more so than male guards according to the Dept of injustice (www.theeagle.com/nation/STudies–Female-prison-guards-lead-in-sexual-offenses).


    “More men are raped in the US than women, figures on prison assaults reveal”(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2449454/More-men-raped-US-women-including-prison-sexual-abuse.html ): “More men are raped in the U.S. than woman, according to figures that include sexual abuse in prisons. In 2008, it was estimated 216,000 inmates were sexually assaulted while serving time, according to the Department of Justice figures. That is compared to 90,479 rape cases outside of prison.”

    S-xual misconduct is not an uncommon complaint to state boards of nursing. 38 to 52 percent of nurses report knowledge of colleagues who have had sexual misconduct with patients. The NCSBN reports that in some states s-xual activity with a consenting adult patient is considered a criminal offense (since it is statutory rape for a person in a position of trust to use it for lewd activity).

    According to individual state boards of nursing disciplinary records; the ratio of female nurses committing boundary violations as compared to male nurses is 26/1. That is for every male nurse that has s-x with his patient, 26 female nurses have done so as well.


    Contracepting female are just as violent, if not more violent than their male counterparts: “It has often been claimed that the reason CTS studies have found as many women as men to be physically aggressive is because women are defending themselves against attack. A number of studies have addressed this issue and found that when asked, more women than men report initiating the attack.” (Bland & Orn. 1986; DeMaris, 1992; Gryl & Bird. 1989. cited in Straus. 1997) According to CDC study: “Almost 24% of all relationships had some violence, and half (49.7%) of those were reciprocally violent. In nonreciprocally violent relationships, women were the perpetrators in more than 70% of the cases.” (www.ajph.org/cgi/content/abstract/97/5/941)


    Another factor driving female pedophilia is venerating the anti-Christian USA flag whose tricolor represents the condemned rebellious masonic slogan “liberty, equality, fraternity” under which millions of Christians were murdered (it represents man against God and the overthrow of Christian order and Monarchy which uphold inequality). This purges all their moral sensibilities, drives them to lust and therefore birth control and child molestation. After speaking to a rebellious foul-mouthed heretic in the South who audaciously pretends to be Catholic, I should point out in regard to the tricolor, that anti-Christian France and the USA republic are masonic creations. Both colonial and French freemasons collaborated in fomenting the revolution in America (1775-1783) and France (1789-1799); so the significance of the tricolor ‘red, white, and blue’ as representing the heresy ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’ remains. When adopted and used by masons, it carries a particular meaning; in the same way that the rainbow though given to mankind by God as a sign of peace and promise that he would never destroy the world again with a flood; when that symbol is used by secular religion it takes on a whole different meaning, namely, the total repudiation of Marriage and the family, which is the lifelong union of man and the woman. When the Cross is used by Christianity it signifies Christ but when used by American religion especially on gravesites of the USA missionaries (I.e soldiers) it represents the condemned doctrine of ‘universal salvation.’ When Christians use the upsidedown Cross on the Feast of St. Peter it represents his upsidedown crucifixion martyrdom, but when used outside that context it represents Satanism. The more pagan woman tries to conform to the women of Christianity (the only authentic standard of womanhood) the better; for pagan women would not generally be harlots and murderesses of innocent children in the 1st place.


    Ever since the last King of Christianity His Holiness Pope Pius XII left this earth in 1958 the Papal Throne has been vacant. The city of Rome apostatized from Christianity as amazingly foretold by the Church Fathers in their treatises, Scripture, Marian and Papal prophecies, and confirmed by the apostate reality of Rome today. It makes sense that the condition of the female pagan would deteriorate with the absence of Christ’s Vicar. When the Roman city apostatized, it was taken over by an anti-Catholic Protestant movement known as the Novus Ordo sect which is led by manifest apostate antipopes (pretenders to the Papal Throne incapable of assuming office in the Church). This apostate sect which teaches heresy everyday controls all the physical structures and properties that once belonged to Christianity, and is staffed by “pseudo-clerically garbed” apostate lay persons notorious for their immorality (which demonstrates they have no Priests even without getting into the theological fact their rites of ordination are invalid for the same reason Pope Leo XIII declared the Anglican ordinal invalid in 1896, which is why Anglican ‘theologians’ are rightfully having a field day mocking the sect). Christian Dogma was beautifully summarized by St. Robert Bellarmine when he said ‘the non-Christian cannot be head of the Church; for one cannot be the head of what he is not even a member of. Therefore, the manifest heretic cannot be Pope.’ The internal and logical consistency of the truth of Christianity is shown at http://www.mhfm1.com for Christianity is the most intellectually satisfying explanation of human existence. That is why enemies never refute it on an intellectual basis. They cannot. Instead they persistently misrepresent it (something they of course never do in regard to the Westboro baptists and Protestantism in general) or use ridicule and ad hominems. This activity is an indirect reverence and admission on their part, that the original and only Christian religion, is the one true religion.


    Anti-Christian America with its teleprompter reading spokespersons on television sets, are just not viable sources of information on Christianity. Only the Church is. The USA has actively & fanatically inspired or assisted bloody revolutions, mutilations, hideous barbarities, rapes, and mass murders against hundreds of millions of Christians in France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Germany, America (over 80,000 colonialists including Christians and they believe in being subject to the higher powers that are legitimate, were murdered for their loyalty to King George III), Korea, Vietnam (the CIA assassinated the President of South Vietnam who opposed communism and was the brother of Archbishop Thuc from whom the super majority of Latin Rite Priests derive their Orders, they are called Thuc-line Priests; now Buddhist Vietnam arrests people for celebrating Mass privately at home and carries out house to house checks to prevent this), Palestine, China, the Baltic states, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Philippines, all over South America (and concerning 1 particular country in which hundreds of thousands were killed by the US army the non-theist Jew Noam Chomsky said it “was a war against the Catholic Church by the US government”), Egypt, Iraq, Syria in which the USA is violently eradicating ancient Christian landmarks, monuments, and churches and is also doing so all over Africa. The USA republic uses bombing, missiles, drone strikes, and heavy artillery even from war planes to mass murder people and destroy Christian architecture, ancient holy places, and sacred objects. The intellectual Webster Tarpley says “the war on terror” is simply code for Christian genocide and de-Christianization of the world by the USA.

    The main reason for the revolution in America was because King George III finally gave Christians in Canada freedom to practice their religion without persecution; in fact the “declaration of independence” viciously denounces Christianity and the Quebec Act (which gave Christians their much-deserved freedom of worship) in an Orwellian manner. The anti-Christian hate and the staggering hypocrisy, is breathtaking. So we can see the anti-Christian animus of the USA founders and that being anti-Christian is at the heart of what it means to be an American. It was considered “illegal” to be a Christian in 10 of the 13 original colonies, and in the remaining 3, conditions were quite harsh. Christians were forced to pay twice the amount of taxes, despite being at the very bottom of the economic rung and not receiving a reciprocity of services from the USA (e.g. justice for damaged property, theft, destroyed churches, mob violence, and mass murder and lynchings was denied by the courts on the following grounds: “You are foreigners, your allegiance is to the Pope” and “You are not “citizens”” which is all true because Christianity does not give any fealty to the Rousseauian Locke-Hobbian Voltairist USA masonic organization, but only to the Vicars of Christ; neither is the US a nation but a secular religion, nevertheless justice should apply to all). Only pagans and heretics of Protestant variety, profit from “American identity.” Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi the freemason made the ‘statue of liberty’ as a gift from French freemasons to the USA freemasons. It represents the half-dressed prostitute holding the torch of Lucifer, who was installed in Notre Dame Cathedral during the height of the French revolution, and worshipped as “the goddess of reason.” It demonstrates that to be an American is to be an anti-Christian (for why else would they embrace such an anti-Christian symbol?). The prostitute was meant to be a live representation of ‘the goddess of witchcraft’ Isis/AKA ‘the goddess of liberty’/AKA the ‘ancient mother of harlots’ (who is known as ‘Ishtar’ among ancient Babylonians, ‘Athena’ in Greece, ‘Astarte’ in Syria, ‘Cybele’ in Rome, ‘Ashtoreth’ in ancient Palestine, and ‘Diana’ in Ephesus).


    His Holiness and High Majesty Lord Pope Pius XII, “Papal Directives For The Woman of Today,” Rome, Italy, September 11, 1947: “worthily playing your sacred and fruitful role in the management of a wholesome, strong, and radiant home…to the service of God…Beautiful ideals, where woman, in her proper place, and from her proper place, exercises quietly a powerful influence….Towards the center converge all the rays of activity of woman in her social and political life, an activity of which the object is above all else, to protect the dignity of the daughter, of the wife, of the mother; to preserve the home, the family, the child in their primordial order; to safeguard the rights of the family, and make all efforts bear toward the safekeeping of the child under the guardianship of his parents. …We Ourselves discussed, two years ago, this important subject of the role of woman in social and political life…”

  26. Eduard

     /  May 30, 2018

    Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God

  27. Robert Ryan

     /  October 8, 2018

    TradCatKnight brought me here. Excellent interview. Thank you . I always suspected Putin was in on the game.

  28. Tim .. I’ll give you this here rather than post it. I’ve really been around. I know what I’m talking about. Democrats and Republicans are together with the NWO. This is from a Mind Control torture female victim Cathy O’Brien. … ==CIA Mormons and the Osmonds
    She describes how Senator George Romney, the father of Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, was involved and how the Monarch programming was deployed to help the Mormon Church gain acceptance in the 1970’s through the music phenomena of the Osmonds and how other musical groups like the Jacksons were deeply involved as puppets of the program.
    She also reveals how high level figures like Senator Robert Byrd, who was Cathy’s owner in the program and a strong mentor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, got her involved in drug running operations out of Mena Arkansas as a Sex Slave and Robotic Courier of implanted messages and sexual favors to the Criminal Political Figures involved.==

    There’s no way to know where Trump is in all of this unless you know him personally. But father George Bush was against Trump.

  29. Philip

     /  February 24, 2019

    Mr Fitzpatrick, I have been most impressed by your blog for quiet a number of years now. You certainly do possess a prodigious talent in cutting to the heart of the matter in hand in such a coherent, logical, scholarly fashion. Certainly a cut above all the ‘white noise’ out there. Bravo! … Just out of interest, have you ever read any of Michael Tsarion’s controversial works? I am currently reading The Irish Origins of Civilization, most intriguing indeed and quiet a revelatory read I must say. Would love to get your thoughts on it, but then again it may be considered somewhat apostolic by you, considering your more traditional orthodox Christian persuasion. No offense intended, more in the spirit of genuine scholarly inquiry.
    Thank You Tim, look forward to your future articles. …Cheers!

    • Hi, Philip. Thanks for reading. Appreciate the positive feedback. I don’t know a lot about Tsarion, but I recall that he is some kind of New Ager, Satanist type. I am open to reading just about anything, but I can’t say that anything by Tsarion is high on my list of books. My friend and contributor here Jude Duffy may have some insights, however.

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