Why Soviet Russia helped Trump get elected

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 20, 2018 Anno Domini

While the two sides of the Right-vs-Left partisan theatre continue to squabble over the how, when, and where of Russian collusion with the Trump presidency, the most important question—why—is ignored.

Let us consider the reasons why Putin and the “Russian federation” helped bring Trump to the Oval Office, within the context of Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s Perestroika deception thesis.

First, let’s assume that Golitsyn is correct that the Soviet Union still exists but with the deceptive mask of capitalism and democracy in order to lull the West to sleep over the communist threat so that Russia can later more easily take over the slumbering Western power. (“Perestroika” is Russian for restructuring. The feigned democratization of the USSR was sold to the West as “Perestroika” of the old Soviet system into a new democratized system. Golitsyn said it was a lie.)

Corroborating Golitsyn’s hundreds of predictions—which goes back to the 1950s and has a better-than-ninety-percent accuracy rate—is the simple fact that the Soviet’s cultural Marxist subversion program has completely taken over the social order in the West. In fact, it’s a completed mission. Pro-Russian conservatives seem to think that the radical Left and its identity politics evolved on its own, perhaps from the hippie movement or something. But it came from the Soviet Union—part of the subversive demoralization phase of what another Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, claimed was part of a four-pronged Soviet strategy of overtaking the West and absorbing it into Lenin’s communistic world government.

With the demoralization phase already complete, we now move on to what Bezmenov described as the destabilization phase. This is where Donald Trump comes in. Here are some basic points to consider when we look at Trump’s usefulness to the crypto-Soviet state of Russia under Putin and it’s long-range goal of weakening America and the West for Soviet takeover:

  • He is more easily kompromat (compromised and controlled than Hillary, due to sexual compromise, financial and economic blackmail, Jewish-Russia mob deals, etc. Golitsyn called it “co-operation blackmail”.)
  • He has caused more social and political division domestically and, perhaps, abroad. (divide and conquer strategy).
  • He has fractured the Right (the destruction of conservatism is top priority for world communism).
  • He has discredited the Right (by shaping it into a strawman and caricature).
  • He has emboldened, strengthened, and galvanized the radical Left (sort of like how the Zionists used Hitler to galvanize all the previously divided Jews worldwide).
  • Trump is bringing America closer to the realization of world government, despite appearances of opposition to globalism (mainly through economic deals and partnerships).

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is a compromised and dirty politician. But so is Donald, and more so. Sexual compromise is the preferred form of blackmail in the political world and has been since the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati systematized the concept. There is no way that Hillary can outmatch Trump in this department. From Russia’s point of view, Donald is the easier to manipulate in this respect. Whether the Russians had access to Mossad’s Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail sex ring that is likely to have ensnared Trump and/or whether the Russian “pissgate” vice has any validity, the Russians have Trump by his balls. Add to that the financial obligations Trump has to the Russian-Jewish money lenders and business and political obligations he has to the Russia-Jewish mafiya that helped him win the presidency and there is no question how compromised Donald is. The Russians knew they could have no where near the same control with Hillary.

Part of the Soviet destabilization plan, outlined by both Golitsyn and Bezmenov, is to radicalize both sides of social discourse in America and the West. Golitsyn said this in the 1980s, yet we have really only seen it reach a head in the last three years. Was Golitsyn psychic? No, he just knew Soviet strategy and made the simple prediction based on this knowledge. It has now come out that Russian troll farms were promoting extreme points of view from both Right and Left perspectives, especially identity politics, in a provokatsiya (provocation) program, which is an essential part of their massive psychological warfare program. It would be one thing if the troll farms were only promoting right-wing politics, but that they were promoting both corroborates the claims of the two aforementioned Soviet defectors. It shows the real cards of Putin and Russia, who are not out to revitalize conservatism, Christian Orthodoxy, and not out to fight globalism. They are there to destabilize the West so that they can ripen it for the final world government takeover. Trump is also causing political divisions with his seeming protectionist policies, despite brokering scantly publicized partnerships and deals with nations, including and especially China. What’s more, his unfettered support of the illegal state of Israel is causing even more political divisions.

The Trump hysteria has fractured the Right. This is obvious. Perhaps there has never been more in-fighting and internal division in the conservative movement than now. This has been seen even inside of Trump’s own political party, the GOP. The plethora of controlled opposition agents (many Russian sponsored) inside the conservative movement is only amplifying this division, as they are promoting bankrupt forms of conservatism, or neoconservatism, which just further muddies the water. Of course, Trump’s brand of conservatism is fake, too. It’s no more real than a three-dollar bill.

Trump’s over-the-top behaviour and persona makes a convenient caricature out of conservatism. It has provided a rallying point around which Leftists can punch holes in an easily deflatable strawman blow-up clown doll. This is only possible because Trump does not embody genuine conservative values. He is the creature of New York, Jewish yuppy culture and is led by his lust, greed, and narcissism. This caricaturization is being used the same way the Zionists used the caricature of Hitler to galvanize the fractured Jewish community. It lead to to an intense period of cohesion for Hitler’s opponents, while he and the Nazis became more and more discredited. The Hitler caricature also enabled the Jewish money power to inoculate the world against any return to nationalism, which is the natural opponent of communism (and Zionism). The Soviets strive for the same goals, despite pretending to be nationalists themselves. Do you think the world will ever look at conservatism and nationalism with any validity, in the post-Hitler, Post-Trump future?

The fracturing, discrediting, and caricaturization of the Right has only encouraged the Left that their ideologies are correct. They can now push forward implementing their “truth” all over the world—more easily than had caricatures like Trump never been in power. Now there is the convenient pretext to save the world from any more monsters. Just accept their communism. Everything will be fine. We will finally have peace. Bezmenov illustrated that once the demoralization and destabilization phases had passed, a violent economic and political crisis would evolve. It would eventually lead to a normalization period of stability until the following cycle would reach a crisis point (dialectics).

Trump is merely part of a long-range Soviet strategy to take over the West and eventually absorb it into a world communistic system. This has been a long-time goal for world Jewry. It began, in its modern form, during the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia. So far, everything is going according to the Judeo-Soviet script. It’s just taken a little longer to implement than the Jewish revolutionaries had envisioned.

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  1. ajmacdonaldjr

     /  March 21, 2018

    You can buy a Communist flag on Amazon, but you can’t buy a Nazi or Confederate flag.

  2. abey

     /  March 21, 2018

    To the fall at Eden, God instituted the corrections & unto the woman said He rightfully “Your desire shall be to your man(she who was made from him) & he shall rule over you” Lest she who listened to the serpent’s Lie, desire after him & be lost forever. To this it seems the devil comes through hollywood minds(leftists) as the Avatar in the “Shape of Water” grabbing the woman & snatching an oscar.

  3. stevehart001 .

     /  March 21, 2018

    The official investigation revealed that Russia did not help President Trump in the election. Don’t you people watch the news? SPAM!

    On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 1:17 PM, Fitzpatrick Informer wrote:

    > Timothy Fitzpatrick posted: ” By Timothy Fitzpatrick March 20, 2018 Anno > Domini While the two sides of the Right-vs-Left partisan theatre continue > to squabble over the how, when, and where of Russian collusion with the > Trump presidency, the most important question—why—is ignor” >

    • Kangaroo investigation. The FBI has been controlled by the mob since at least J. Edgar Hoover. Jewish-Russian mobster Meyer Lansky had Hoover blackmailed with photos of his assistant Clyde Tolson performing fellatio. There is no reason to believe that the mob doesn’t still own the FBI. The Mueller investigation is a sham.

  4. abey

     /  March 21, 2018

    Was not the same Mueller who lied about the Iraq WMD , the lead to the death of millions when people like him, Bush, Obama, Hillary etc. should have been upon the stakes on high, something wrong somewhere & the only answer is BiblIcal- The Lake of Fire , incidentally prepared by the Angels of God , meaning no free passes or fringe benefits .

    • Wow, look at that, eh? An establishment lackey who got tenure under the Bush neocons. And we are relying on this clown to bring us the real dirt on Trump? Figures.

  5. Sorry to say, that the Iraqi WMD lie was not done by Mueller, not by a long shot = it was mostly done by Colin Powell, who laid out the case, w/ a little help from John Negroponte, George Tenet, & Susan Rices’ “Mushroom Cloud” comment, although Colin Powell’s presentation of misguided FACTS, you know “those known unknowns” comments essentially iced it = you know the proverbial ~ “SLAM DUNK” ~ became the final conclusion…

    Psst ~ I know that I threw a Rumsfeld line in there, where it didn’t, or doesn’t even belong, even though I feel like it, it fit in there appropriately…

  6. abey

     /  March 25, 2018

    Unlike the corrupted Judges, Courts , Media etc even the leavens of the Law to Sodom unions (Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees- The leavens of the Law), The Lake of Fire makes no mistakes

  7. To support my argument that Russia is using Trump to galvanize and strengthen the radical left:

    Trump sparks communist growth surge

  8. I see no proof or resources to back up your crazy accusations

  2. Trump: A Victory for Communism « The Thinking Housewife

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