Why is Alex Jones telling us about his ‘deep masonic roots’?

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
October 31, 2015


New Atlantis (the American republic), the masonic ambition of Kabbalist Sir Francis Bacon and his fellow occultists.

Is Alex Jones playing a sleight of hand or his he really that dumb regarding freemasonry?

The word magician looks to be back to his game of revelation of the method. On October 16, 2015, Jones posted a clip from his show under the click-baiting headline of “Alex Jones Reveals His Deep Masonic Roots”. Sounds like something one of his critics would say, right? In the clip, Jones claims that he is not a mason but then goes on to brag of his ‘deep masonic roots’. Thereafter, Jones talks about how most masons are just dupes of a hijacked freemasonry and don’t really know its true Enlightenment (good) source, the kind embraced by America’s founders like George Washington. The show then ends with a sales pitch for some 1776 T-shirts glorifying the masonic U.S. founding fathers.

Jones is behaving consistently. He has always advocated masonic, Enlightenment principles throughout his public career, mainly under the themes of capitalism, Protestantism, and libertarianism. The only difference is that now he is not masking it. In the video clip, he even used the word “illuminati” in a positive context and glorifies the Rosicrucians. He says his family are from the “real Illuminati”. I guess the dumbfounded viewer is supposed to take away from it that freemasonry and illuminism are good and true, it’s just that “globalists” have hijacked its concepts and symbols, thus constituting a fake illuminati. As I outlined in one of my early critiques of Jones, this is the pattern used by the conspirators—to first withhold their agenda from their target (secrecy) and then gradually leak their secrets through the mass media, art, and culture (revelation). The purpose of gradual revelation is so that the target is not alarmed. Then, by the time the target has figured out that they are in the midst of an assault, it will have been too late. Most likely, though, the target will not figure any of it out. And with no alarm, there is no need to cease the new learned behaviour, the new way of thinking. In other words, the target internalizes the commands of its conspirators and champions its own destruction.

Jones is aligning his audience to the Judeo-masonic worldview, which is contrary to everyone’s best interests, except the conspirators’. It’s sold as human enlightenment, progress, and higher evolution.

Here is the video clip of Jones:


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  1. Eugene

     /  November 1, 2015

    Someone should who knows how to ,make a video or recording of Alex jones rantings for people to take the country. Back for him.
    I have written down in less than one half hour over 35 terms he repeats over and over to program his listeners to the new world order. H.w.bush said was being worked and would be successful.
    He brags 20 years at this until told he’s a lier.
    If told he’s a traitor,he brags of his roots going back to the Alamo. If he’seen at this since 1998 as he claims he came name who is behind what he calla the glob lists,elitist a etc. when he fears exposure due to a mass shooting and him being blamed he mellows his message .when it’ over , he becomes government hating and emotional again seeking to incite violence. Without him being the cause of it. It’s amazing no one has blamed him for the mass shootings Nd government hatred.
    It’ll catch up to him only when his listeners wise up and expose him.


    • Eugene, I have noticed that too. He attempts to radicalize his audience only to later resort to a cooling off period, sometimes even speaking against the radicalizing he has just suggested.


  2. Masonry is like Judaism. Most don’t know what the top folks are doing but they are blindly loyal


  3. Masonry is essentially anti-Catholic and anti-King. And though Jones doesn’t call himself a mason, he’s a firm believer in masonic doctrine. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were discovered that his relatives were “Grand Kleagles” of the KKK.


  4. Another arrogant admission by Jones, today. He says the NWO and Satan are trying to overthrow Bacon’s New Atlantis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejcBScLgsEc&feature=youtu.be&t=41m18s What a piece of work he is.


  5. Alex Jones openly defends freemasonry
    https://youtu.be/sDPIgKLNVec?t=8m25s (caution: some anti-Catholic rhetoric in this analysis)


  1. Alex Jones Dossier – controlled opposition extraordinaire | Fitzpatrick Informer

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