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  1. dachsielady

     /  December 13, 2014

    It is good to expose Hollywood. It is really a cesspool. There was a Jewish Broadway playwright back in the 50s who exposed how the whole place and all the top actors of the early talkie days were literally card-carrying members of the Communist party. I will have to look up his name later. Even James Stewart, start of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

    The connections between Freemasonry is Jewish Caballa is coming out more and more. The whole Souther Baptist Convention in the USA seems infested with Freemasons for ages, so that makes you wonder about much of the Protestant theology and how it probably was guided by Freemasonic ideology.

    There is belief that child actress Shirley Temple was a victim of CIA (MK ULTRA) mind-control.

    As an adult, and I think in her autobiography told about how she did one movie for MGM studios when she was very young, about 7 or 8 years old. Most of her young day movies were with Fox studios. Anyway, she and her mother went in to MGM studios for the first time to talk about doing the movie. They had little Shirley go into Arthur Freed’s office and her mother go into Louis B. Mayer’s office. Shirley came out and told her mother that Arther Freed was an “exhibitor” meaning he exposed himself to her. Shirley said she just laughed at him and he became angry and kicked her out of his office. Meanwhile, Louis B. Mayer in his office with her mother, “came on” to the mother. The mother and the daughter compared notes when they got out of those offices. I guess they decided to go ahead and do the movie, but if I were the mother, I would have said no to that movie.

    So it seems Hollywood had all the connections –Jewish movie moguls, Freemasonry, Communism, and the CIA from its earliest days.

    “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

  2. Northsider

     /  December 14, 2014

    Surely John Lennon was starwhacked for saying we had the CIA to “thank” for LSD in his famous Playboy interview? I was watching a programme on this subject on a now defunct British alternative channel Richplanet, and when they started quoting Lennon’s words about the CIA suddenly a loud noise blocked out his words. Censorship at its most obvious. A few months later the Richplanet channel was taken off the air for a programme it did about the Drummer Lee Rigby false flag attack in London – a programme that featured the host Richard D. Hall interviewing Nick Kollerstrom about the discrepancies in the official story.

    Also I’ve frequently wondered if the untimely deaths of Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochrane, the Big Bopper and several other American early rock and rollers were not star-whack jobs designed to clear the way for the emergence of the Beatles and the Stones. And did Lynyrd Skynyrd likewise become a starwhack target for defending the South (and post-Watergate Nixon) against Neil Young in the song Sweet Home Alabama?

  3. Passionate and compelling story. I hope someone clues him in on the Jewish issue quickly.

  4. Mary Louise

     /  December 16, 2014

    Scott mentioned the freedom of religious expression afforded to Muslims, Hindus and Bhuddists which is denied to Christians. He significantly failed to mention a certain other religion, the adherents of which are responsible for the fact that Christians don’t have public freedom of expression, and are probably responsible for his current predicaments.
    Perhaps his Evangelical Christianity is blinding him to the truth.

  5. Northsider

     /  January 2, 2015

    Rock bands and pop acts generally get nowhere unless they’re bringing something to the Zio-masonic table. For instance U2 got megahype treatment in the 1980s because they slagged off Irish nationalism, campaigned for the legalisation of divorce in Ireland, and denounced the Church over its anti-birth prevention stance. Not coincidentally Bono has attended the infamous Bohemian Grove gatherings, and is close buddies with the neocons. He once attended the British Labour Party Conference and called war criminal Blair and his then chancellor Gordon Brown “the Lennon and McCartney” of the fight against global poverty. During the run-up to the Irish 1995 divorce referendum, a pro-divorce rally was held in Dublin, which everyone who was anyone in Irish showbiz attended. They knew better than not to. Even Van Morrison, who is of Belfast Jehovah’s Witnesses background, felt duty bound to be there. The evidence that this referendum was rigged is overwhelming, but that’s another story. The Irish easy listening star Dana Rosemary Scallon (who used to make regular appearances on EWTN) stood in the 2011 Irish Presidential election on an anti-abortion and pro-Irish political and economic sovereignty (ie. against the banker takeover of the country) platform. During the campaign she stated categorically that her car had been tampered with in order to kill her. The daughter of a leading Irish GAA sports (Gaelic football) manager who campaigned against abortion and on behalf of the Catholic Pioneer Total Abstinence Movement was murdered in bizarre circumstances while on her honeymoon in Mauritius. An Irish member of parliament Johnny Fox was the only member of the Irish Dail (parliament) to oppose a pro-abortion bill in 1995. A few days later he died from a “heart attack” at a St Patrick’s Day function in his constituency.

  6. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

     /  January 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  7. Anonymous

     /  December 12, 2015

    You better believe this is happening. To ordinary citizens as well. Let’s get out their secret invisible weapons they use to.

  8. Northsider

     /  April 16, 2016

    Mary Louise: That’s an informative piece about the Lennon killing you linked to. Late 1980 – early 1981 sure was a fraught time. In addition to Lennon’s murder, there was the attempt to whack Reagan, and the Mossad hit on JP II in May 81 (after being shot he said: “They must have known, they must have known” – I think we can all make educated guesses as to who he meant by “they”). Also in February 1981, there was a huge fire that killed 48 at the Stardust nightclub in the heart of the then Irish Prime Minister Charlie Haughey’s constituency in north Dublin. For reasons too long to go into here, I’ve long thought that that was a British intelligence false flag. In the mid-1980s Haughey narrowly escaped drowning after his yacht capsized on a very calm day off the southern Irish coast. This happened a few weeks after he’d questioned in the Irish parliament the man who succeeded him as Irish PM (Goldman Sachs shill Garret Fitzgerald) about his attendance at the MI6 controlled Bilderberg gatherings. Also in the mid-1980s Olaf Palme, the Swedish PM was killed – they didn’t even bother using a Manchurian candidate or inventing a patsy for that one. By the 1990s “pol-whacking” had apparently become second nature to the Zios – (John Smith, Steven Milligan and Robin Cook in Britain alone). In the last six years they’ve tried to kill Nigel Farage at least twice – the most recent attempt being in France last Autumn. Then there’s Bob Crowe the militant union leader, Pim Fortuyn and Jorge Haider…

    • I am also highly suspicious about the Grand Hotel, Brighton, bombing at the 1984 Tory Party Conference. Thatcher was allegedly the target; yet not only was Thatcher unharmed, no bigwig member of the Government was killed, thought Tebbit was injured and his wife paralyzed.
      Surely, if the IRA had wanted to assassinate Maggie they would have succeeded

  9. Northsider

     /  April 19, 2016

    Mary Louise: Well the IRA has been controlled since at least the time when Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness took over the movement in the early 1980s, so it seems highly probable that Brighton was a false flag. Only a few weeks ago it was revealed that the British security forces had prior knowledge of the 1993 Shankill Road chip shop bomb that was supposedly targeted at the leadership of the loyalist paramilitaries, but ended up killing eight Protestant civilians – as well as the bomber himself. So much for the British Masonic state’s concern for their loyal Protestant subjects in Northern Ireland – it was quite prepared to sacrifice them when it was expedient to do so – in the interests of its divide and conquer agenda. People rightly talk about Operation Gladio and so on, but Ireland (and by extension Britain) is actually the real laboratory of false flag terror.

  10. Northsider

     /  April 21, 2016

    Prince another starwhack victim perchance? Seems strange that a “prank” report last Tuesday said he was dead, and Facebook tribute in response garnered over a million likes – only for it to revealed as a “hoax”. Then two days later he dies for real. He walked around with the word “slave” on his forehead for two years – in reference to record company contract. Also, he ditched the name Prince for same reason, i.e to get out of contract. And if I’m not mistaken his last gig was in Georgia – one of the states at the centre of the “gender neutral bathroom” controversy.

  11. Northsider

     /  April 21, 2016

    Also I neglected to mention that Prince spoke out on the issue of chemtrails. He’s featured on one of Anthony J Hilder’s videos on the subject – not talking to Hilder, but on a black television show. The black comedian Dick Gregory and Mariel Hemingway are also on the video.

  12. Northsider

     /  April 21, 2016

    Infowhore Dice (America’s answer to MI6 asset, Paul Joseph Watson) is already rubbishing idea that Prince could have been killed. Funny how these guys always KNOW – even before the cops – that celebrity deaths are entirely innocent.

    • I had forgotten about Dice. He is still pumping out Youtube videos I take it. Watson and Dice are like Jones. Truth and lies mixed together.

  13. Northsider

     /  April 22, 2016

    Tim I watched a couple of those Dice vids recently, and his brazen use of NLP techniques is striking. For instance he’ll do a vox pop proposing the introduction of Sharia law to America, and nod his head while asking the question. The very brazenness of the approach is a way of disarming criticism – his get out clause being that he’s just exposing how easy it is to get the sheeple to agree to anything. I know this is a bit off topic for this thread, but he uses a variation of this method to counter well-founded accusations that he’s a shill, i.e. he’ll make a video suggesting that he’s a Rothschild disinfo agent – and the very fact that he’s sending up such allegations himself is supposed to convince you that he can’t possibly be any such thing – or better still make you feel embarrassingly gauche for believing the accusers. It’s a very basic technique that requires neither wit nor imagination, but it can be very effective, especially with modern half-educated folk – whose greatest fear is being seen to be uncool.

    • These alternative media double agents really believe in this NLP stuff. It’s nothing more than word magic. Did you ever see that video of Dice acting totally weird in front of the camera, like he was in a trance or something?

  14. Northsider

     /  April 22, 2016

    Dice’s pimps have clearly chosen him to be the Zio-debunker in chief, when it comes to the “starwhacking” phenomenon. Even by the standards of Infowhores he’s an unbelievably scummy low-life. For instance he had a video up within minutes of the official announcement of Prince’s death. It was titled something like “Prince Murdered By Illuminati over chemtrails”. Needless to say the title was completely misleading clickbait – as the video is the usual argument-free attempt to debunk the idea of star-whacking. I’m not prejudging the question of whether or not Prince was whacked (though the incriminating evidence seems to be mounting), but surely it’s a sign of something fishy when the Zios feel the need to assign one of their alt-presstitutes the task of rubbishing allegations even before they’ve been made – a sort of “pre-emptive debunk” if you like. We’ve all heard the phrase “getting your retaliation in first” but this takes it to a completely new level.

  15. Northsider

     /  April 27, 2016

    Tim I looked at that vid after you mentioned in one of your other vids about Infowars. If I’m not mistaken he and his army of shill/trolls tried to explain it all away as a spoof – the joke supposedly being on those who took it seriously. But why would you even think of making a video like that – even as a spoof – unless you were seriously weird to start with? There’s no amusement value in it at all – unless that is, it’s referencing some arcane rituals that outsiders are unaware of.

    Dice also puts up silly videos of David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothschild talking on the phone, about getting him to infiltrate the alternative movement, or whatever, in order to ridicule those who accuse him of precisely this.

    As for his Vox Pop beachfront videos, my guess is that the participants aren’t so much dumb, as obliging, i.e. he preps them on what he wants them to say beforehand and they go along just to be friendly. .

    • I agree. His defense that it was a spoof seems highly unlikely. Jay Leno does this comic segment called Jay Walkers, which bears a striking resemblance to Dice’s beachfront videos. The cynical bend to them seems to offer little to the viewer other than to foster learned helplessness. It also gives the Left more bad ideas with which to run. “Hey, now that you mention it, maybe we should do that.” Isn’t that NLP too?

  16. Northsider

     /  April 30, 2016

    This whole “hey dude, lighten up, I’m just messing with the enemy’s head” is a very handy get out clause. You can retrospectively justify just about anything with it. I’m not saying it isn’t true on occasion – irony, and humour generally, can be and should be used, as they’re very powerful weapons – but it also has the potential to seriously muddy the waters. For instance I heard Andrew Anglin on Duke the other day justifying his very nasty comments about blacks etc on the grounds that he wants to widen the window of what’s acceptable to say in alt-right circles – and that it’s all really a joke at the expense of the Zio-media thought controllers. That sounds quite plausible until you discover that Anglin went along with the Ziomedia narratives about Isis being rabidly anti-American (instead of being funded and directed by America, Israel, Britain and Turkey) and also attacked “conspiracy theories” about Zionist involvement in events such as the Charlie Hebdo Paris “attacks”. Then you start to wonder who the joke is really on.

    • I wonder why most of those neo-nazis are against conspiracy theories, despite that Jews are often involved in them. Perhaps they subconsciously know that these conspiracies will unravel their Hitler worship. Not really sure though. Maybe it’s simple not “manly” and “white” to believe in such things.

  17. Northsider

     /  April 30, 2016

    Tim, that’s a good point about the Hitler worshippers fearing that their worldview will unravel if conspiracy theories are vindicated. I’m sure you’ve heard of Ken Livingstone’s current tribulations over tentatively implying that Zionists and Nazis worked together. Doubtless the white nats are almost as furious with him as the Zio-media are. I think there may be something similar going on re false flag terror. The white nats are attached to the idea that Muslims do these things, because they assume the public perception of Muzzies as terrorists helps the anti-immigrant cause. In my view, paradoxically it does the opposite, because the media and Soros funded NGOS can point to all the peaceful Muslims and make them into figures of sympathy – victims of vicious Islamophobia. Terrorism helps divert the debate away from whether these folk should be in the west at all. By talking up Islamic terrorism, the white nats are unwittingly (or in some cases wittingly) conceding the premise that immigration is ok as long as the migrants don’t go around shooting up restaurants and planting bombs.

    I have mixed feelings about Duke. His videos are often little short of brilliant – no race baiting, just exposure of the racism of Jewish supremacists, but his radio show is often very repetitive, and some of his views on things like evolution are distinctly dubious. Having said that even on his radio show he makes some valuable points. I definitely don’t think he’s a shill but he can be very naïve. For instance he complained recently that the media whitewash Muslim terror by never showing the bodies of the victims of attacks like Paris or Brussels. Well duh! Maybe that’s because there are no “bodies”, or the “bodies” didn’t die in the way the media say they did.

    As for Anglin, my personal view is he’s a phoney.

    • I like Duke too but couldn’t care less for the rest of them, Anglin et al. I like Mike Delaney too, but he has faded out. His Missing Links documentary was excellent, but he didn’t really go anywhere after that. You make some good points about the distraction the Islamic terrorism narrative provides. I plan to do a piece soon on the Islamization of Europe. The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit book has a really good section where Jones talks about the Jews using the Muslims against Christians in Middle Ages and beyond. I agree with Jones when he criticizes white nationalists for not identifying as Catholics first and foremost, but I also agree with Dr. Kevin MacDonald that whites tend towards traits which draw them to civility and, ultimately, Christianity. I try to draw from both of these excellent scholars in forming competent views regarding faith and race.

  18. God Bless you In Christ Jesus Name Amen

  19. Thank You


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