Hypocrite Alex Jones as fake as Obama when crying

It’s a little disingenuous and pathetic of Alex Jones to take advantage of U.S. President Barack Obama’s fake crying over the recent school shooting in Connecticut state. Jones knows full well the usefulness of crocodile tears as a Mossad/Stratfor Project Mockingbird operative. And this isn’t the first time Alex Jones has played the hypocrite over fake tears. He has even lambasted Zionist mouthpiece Glen Beck for fake tears.  His latest Youtube video exposing Obama’s fake crying has garnered almost 500,000 hits; meanwhile, a video of Jones pretending to cry on 9/11 has garnered a meagre 1,359. In the spirit of fairness, here is a look back at Jones fake tears for all to see.

And in case you thought Judas Goat Jones was being sincere, consider the following admission by his Jewish wife, Violet Nichols (Jones, that Alex is a great actor.

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