Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by the Illuminati?

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

A former high-ranking Illuminati member claims American evangelist Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel and the Jesus freak movement are funded by the Illuminati.

Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel logo stylized after the downward dove in the logo for the Illuminati’s Ordo Templi Orientis. Credit: Donna Martin (fanaticforjesus.blogspot.ca)

The late John Todd of the Collins Illuminati bloodline revealed, during his tour of some American churches in the ‘70s and ‘80s, that part of his job as a witch/CIA MK Ultra agent in the Illuminati power structure was to deliver money to leaders of the Charismatic movement as a payoff for their allegiance to the New World Order.

“The charismatic movement, to the outside people, is the movement that declares the speaking of tongues,” Todd explained to his audience in one of several audio recordings.

 “The charismatic movement, in reality, was one of three steps declared back in 1964 to do two things: while the main function was to destroy the fundamental church of any type…the Masons was one, and the charismatic church was another…and the political manoeuvres was the third….”

Todd went on to name Smith.

 “I was on the Council of Thirteen and had to pay too many millions of dollars to that organization to accept that it be of God and its leaders—since I know most of its leaders by first-name basis. They used the charismatic movement to establish Jesus rock. I had to deliver a $4-million cheque that was the second $4-million cheque that Chuck Smith—that created Calvary Chapel and Maranantha Productions—received from the Illuminati. And he knew it was Illuminati money…I saw $35 million in two years go into the charismatic movement to build the four biggest churches in the United States that lead it, plus the Full Gospel Businessmen.”[i]

Chuck Missler, who now runs the Christian Zionist organization Koinonia House, is still a staff pastor with Calvary Chapel, and is considered by some to be a protégé of Chuck Smith. The two are closely associated to say the least.

Chuck Missler’s ministry logo for Koinonia House bears strong resemblance to Masonic altar. As well, the flame resembles the Kabbalah’s eternal flame concept or perhaps the Hebrew letter Yod, which is depicted to the right inside the pyramid of this Masonic Scottish Rite symbol.

Who is this sincere sounding “evangelist”?

Charles W. Missler is a respected evangelist in the United States of America and an outspoken supporter of the state of Israel. Missler, through his speaking engagements and for-sale audio and video products, comes off as a sincere and intelligent evangelist. What sets him apart from most televangelists is his speech, which is totally different from the cookie-cutter dialectic—intonation and inflection—of typical televangelists, and his scientific vernacular, making himself more credible and more believeable to his naïve Christian audience. (It has been my experience that North American evangelicals are highly naïve people, but perhaps the Illuminati planned it that way.) In an attempt to further captivate the minds of his unsuspecting audiences, Missler will even expound upon wild kabbalistic “scientific” theories, like strings and the holographic universe (Missler’s arcane doctrine of macrocosm/microcosm). This is all a ruse to take the attention away from his unBiblical teachings and leave his audience overwhelmed yet highly impressed.The 1996 Wordsworth Dictionary of the Occult describes the importance of a holographic universe to the occultist as follows:

…for the occultist, the universe is like a hologram: a photograph produced by a laser beam, which appears to be a meaningless pattern until it is suitably illuminated, and is seen to be a three-dimensional image. Furthermore, if a hologram is produced, then torn into tiny pieces, each of these pieces will still provide an image of the whole hologram. The correspondences between the hermetic axiom—the analogy between microcosm (man) and macrocosm (universe)—and the hologram are quite evident…This idea occurs in occultism, perfected: matter and spirit are two sides of the same coin, but we are unaware of this as long as the bad dream (Jung’s synchronism). Initiation on the one hand, or divination on the other, enable us to recover this lost unity. Matter is, in effect, the universe seen in terms of a hologram; any support can be a substitute for mythology; success in divination comes from the activation of an “archaic residue” in the psyche. (p. 230)

Yet, how many of Missler’s followers know the occult roots of his pseudo-scientific teachings?

Missler’s corporate profile

Missler has served in various high-profile positions in Christian academia and in the corporate world, mainly in technology, through companies like Phoenix Group International (Illuminati name), Rockwell International, SWANSAT, and the Western Digital Corp. SWANSAT, which is tied to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, appears to be part of the Illuminati’s technocracy wing, which is currently in high gear. SWANSAT is headed by Zionist William Welty, who is apparently using SWANSAT, among other things, in the Middle East to help rebuild the Jewish Solomonic Temple and to hasten the Christian Zionist version of Armageddon. (Welty has also worked for the United Nations’ Global Alliance for ICT Policy and Development.)

“Recruited by the Ford Motor Company into a Senior Management position, Chuck established the first international industrial computer network in 1966. Leaving Ford to start his own company, he founded a computer networking organization later acquired by Automatic Data Processing (NYSE) to become its Network Services Division. He subsequently served as a consultant to the Board of Directors of Rockwell International for corporate acquisitions (which included Collins Radio, American Data Systems, and others); and has also participated in over 100 business ventures as a principal, strategic advisor, or turnaround specialist,” SWANSAT describes Missler.[ii]

Missler and Welty may also be using profits from the sale of their new Zionist Bible version, the International Standard Version, to fund SWANSAT. Are Missler’s book and video sales also funding his military and intelligence endeavours? If this is the case than not only is the Illuminati funding Missler, but Missler is funding the Illuminati!

SWANSAT, which is bringing Big Brother technology (telecommunications, spying, and biometrics) to the Middle East and the rest of the world, is also pushing for a gold-backed currency, the African Union Auric™ Currency through the Global Settlement Foundation. So, not only is Missler’s Zionism hastening their concept of Armegeddon, Missler and his cohorts are laying the foundation for the Mark of the Beast system.

The Phoenix Group International/Netcom

Through the Phoenix Group, Missler failed to send millions of computers to Soviet schools and businesses in the 1980s through an informal contract.

Missler explains his failed Phoenix Group—obviously named after the New Age Phoenix, which rises from the ashes—as follows.

“Our venture development firm, The Phoenix Group International, specializing in acquiring and repairing troubled technology assets, was named after the bird of the fable which rose from its ashes. (We should have done more homework: the Phoenix legend is about a mythical bird that burned every 500 years.)”

We know that the Illuminati make or break companies, even breaking their own if necessary. And it’s common for Illuminati assets, like Chuck Missler appears to be, to have a list of failed ventures under their name. Saudi arms dealer and Mossad asset Adnan Khashoggi is one example. The Phoenix Group ordeal eventually led to Missler declaring personal bankruptcy.

In addition to Missler’s advocacy of the Illuminati-created premillennial dispensational doctrine (from Illuminist Cyrus I. Scofield), Missler also has various troubling associations that line up with what Todd says about Illuminati-funded evangelicals like Smith.

The Council For National Policy

Founded in 1981 by suspected Mason and Christian Zionist Tim Layhae[iii], The Council For National Policy is a neocon version of the Illuminist Council on Foreign Relations. And like the CFR, the CNP is packed with Freemasons and Zionists and meets secretly to discuss and set policy. Other prominent Christian Zionists on the council include: Stanley Monteith, Chuck Missler, Joseph Farah (WorldNetDaily.com) James Dobson (Focus on the Family), the late Jerry Falwell, John Ankerberg, and Pat Robertson.

What’s interesting about Missler and his partners in treachery are that almost all of them pretend to oppose the New World Order. Take for example, Monteith’s book Brotherhood of Darkness, Missler’s writings on the NWO and the Kabbalah (very tame exposes) or Pat Robertson’s The New World Order. The few times these guys pretend to expose the New World Order, it’s merely to provide an alibi. To strengthen this alibi, Missler accuses his detractors of being “New World Order conspirators.”[iv]

Former IDF soldier and Likudnik Avi Lipkin (left) with Chuck Missler.

Intelligence – Mossad/CIA

Missler’s curriculum vitae at SWANSAT reads:

“His civilian career began as a systems engineer at TRW, followed by a Senior Analyst position in a “think tank” serving both the intelligence community and the Department of Defense.”

With Chuck’s multiple membership in organizations tied with intelligence and the military industrial complex, it is not a far reach to suspect that Missler might be tied to the Israeli terrorist organization Mossad. With his overt allegiance to Zionism, his trips to Israel every year, and his involvement with SWANSAT and other shady groups, he is wide open to either blackmail or recruitment into Mossad as some kind of an asset.

“Previous tours included briefings and Q & A with members of the IDF, Mossad, and/or Shin Bet, the Palestinian Authority Watch, as well as members of the Knesset,” reads Missler’s website about Koinonia’s Israel Tours, where Chuck and his team brainwash participants with the Illuminati’s Zionist doctrines.[v]

Then there is Missler’s friend Dennis Avi Lipkin (aka Victor Mordechai), a former Israeli Defence Force soldier and employee for Israel’s Likud party, whom Missler uses to instill fear and hatred of Islam through his audio and video lectures.[vi] Missler and Lipkin joke that even if Lipkin were a Mossad agent, he would never be allowed to admit it. However, Lipkin does admit to delivering a speech at the Illuminati’s Council on Foreign Relations. On top of all that, Lipkin had prior knowledge of the 9/11 “terrorist” attacks, even naming Bin Laden and Hussein.

Perhaps Lipkin is Missler’s handler. According to Lipkin, Missler has the “kosher seal of approval.”

Lipkin is not a Christian but pretends to be one. But like all Christian Zionists, it doesn’t matter to Missler. He peddles Lipkin as a brother in Christ and even prays “with” Lipkin.

In the following video clip, Missler talks about being briefed by the CIA and other groups:

Koinonia House sports the logo of the Illuminati’s Hebrew Roots movement.

Missler’s Zionism

Zionism is a major hallmark of an Illuminati agent, but Missler makes not attempts to hide his. He is a premillennial dispensationalist who believes that Jews are God’s chosen people. It is not clear whether Missler is also a dual-covenant heretic like John Hagee, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Missler advocating a separate form of salvation for the Jewish people. Missler’s Bible lectures are bastardized with Messianic Jewish terminology and concepts (Hebrew Roots movement) as well as the Illuminati’s dispensational doctrine, brought into the church through the Freemason Cyrus Ingerson Scofield—a convicted criminal and academic fraud.[vii] Without the Scofield Reference Bible—a creation by the Illuminati to align the Church with their plans for propping up the state of Israel and the Jewish people for a massive “end times” deception—Christian Zionism would likely not exist today, at least not in North America. American evangelicals don’t realize that Chuck Missler gets his prophetic doctrines from man-made footnotes and not the Bible itself?  (For more on the Zionist/Kabbalist subversion of the evangelical movement, see here.)

“The influence of The Scofield Reference Bible resulted from the spread of a revised edition, which Scofield made in 1917,” writes Joseph M. Canfield in The Incredible Scofield and His Book (pg. 217).

And how did the revised edition become so widespread? Through the Illuminati’s Jewish controlled press and publishing houses, even the theological publishing houses. Then American Jewish Committee chairman Samuel Untermeyer took Scofield under his wing and made sure he was successful.

“Inadequate or no, Scofield’s work received highest praise from those who held to its system. And that praise meant that many in the pew failed to distinguish between the words of Scofield and those of the Holy Spirit.”

Y2K, Bible codes,  and plagiarism

Whether it’s predicting catastrophe on Y2K (fearmongering commonly used by Illuminati shills) or advocating and promoting the Kabbalistic Bible codes (Illuminati numerology), Missler has done it all as an Illuminati agent. But it doesn’t end there. Missler also admitted to plagiarism in the book The Magog Factor, which he and Christian Zionist fanatic Hal Lindsey supposedly authored. In this book, Missler apparently plagiarized 70 per cent of the material from Edwin Yamauchi’s 1982 book Foes from the Northern Frontier: Invading Hordes from the Russian Steppes.[viii]

A Chick Publication depicting the late ex-Illuminatus John Todd.

Back to John Todd

“The purpose of it (Illuminati funding Christian organizations like Calvary Chapel) was to build Maranatha Industries and Productions, which started Jesus rock back when the Christian church was preaching against rock music, not knowing why, but preaching against it just the same and throwing it out of the churches. That scared the Illuminati and the occult world to death. At that time, we almost thought that their end had come because if that really happened within the Christian church, the Christian church would have the biggest mass revival of souls in the United States that this world has ever seen. That’s the purpose of rock music, to make sure that that never takes place.”

Is John Todd a reliable source?

According to Illuminati expert Fritz Springmeier, yes!

‘There are friends of mine who feel very convinced this ex-Illuminatus is the real thing, and that he was really part of the Illuminati. Then, there are some who feel he is not for real. There has been an intense program of discrediting this man which was orchestrated by the Illuminati and their plans within the Christian community. I have listened to both sides of the issue, and then listened to the man himself, and I am convinced he is for real. I believe he really was part of the Illuminati.

I have listened to ours of accusations that were leveled against this ex-Illuminatus even before he was framed, and most if not all amount to nothing. When I have asked people what their objections were to this man, they have said they are convinced he was a Satanist, but that they doubt his Illuminati credentials. But the man is part of one of the most powerful bloodlines in the world, the Collins family. Whether he got high in the Illuminati can be debated, but if he were in Satanism, which many acknowledge, he would have—almost certainly—been taken into an Illuminati coven.”[ix]

Springmeier explains why some sincere people doubt the veracity of Todd’s claims.

“In the 1978-79 time period, a 30-year-old man, John Wayne Todd, claiming to be an ex-Illuminati hierarchy member, was speaking in Baptist and Pentecostal churches all across the United States. He became somewhat of a minor celebrity among people who have wanted to learn about the Illuminati. Unfortunately, at that point in time, absolutely no one understood the Illuminati and their mind-control. No one was able to understand what John Todd was all about. No one had exposed the modern Illuminati until this author came out with (to date) six books on the Illuminati. This book on the bloodlines, has three sequel books on the Illuminati’s mind control. It is imperative that people understand the nature of this total mind-control and multiple personalities.

This author has spoken with John Todd on a number of occasions, and he was without doubt a multiple personality that was programmed by the Illuminati. When he went out on speaking engagements, his talks were full of numerous contradictory statements. That is the nature of a multiple personality.

This author was never in the Illuminati, but as an outsider, I have studied the Illuminati for years, and I know how hard it was to research them. When I have listened to Johnnie Todd’s tapes of his speeches, he says too many things that hit the mark that he couldn’t have learned if he did not have some acquaintance with the subject. It is clear to me that he didn’t gain his knowledge of the Illuminati by reading a few book, which his detractors accuse him of doing.

John Todd should have been given therapy for his MPD and mind control; unfortunately, the Christian churches put him out on speaking circuits for several years. Todd was totally unreliable, and very contradictory in what he said and did. His multiple personality disorder clearly showed itself, as one hour, he’d have a charming personality holding his body, and the next hour he’d have a totally obnoxious personality holding his body. Because no one understood Illuminati mind control, which is done to essentially all their members, the Christian audiences and ministers who supported Todd eventually turned against him. John Todd himself did not understand the mind control he was under, nor did he ever do any therapy work with his Multiple Personality Disorder….”[x]

Jack Chick of Chick Publications, was one of a few prominent Christian leaders to stand by Todd’s testimony.

“I back John up 100% with all his faults. I know this brother is doing his best to advance the kingdom of God. We must keep one fact in mind. John is not a minister, but a Christian layman sharing what he knows about a very explosive subject. We should be eager to know about what is going on in the enemy’s camp, and to my knowledge, John Todd is the only one qualified to give us that information. I encourage you to stand with him in the face of this onslaught.”[xi]

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  1. haha! “No one had exposed the modern Illuminati before John Todd” Wha?? William Guy Carr did, and so did his colleagues in MUCH more detail than this John Todd EVER did. The first one to actually expose it was Jesus Christ, he called it a conspiracy, a “synagogue of Satan”. See “Pawns in the Game” and/or “Satan-Prince of This World” both pdfs free online uploaded by guess who- yamauchi!

  2. TPR

     /  June 20, 2012

    I’ve wondered, has Fritz ever responded to this? :

    “Several survivors of ritual abuse and mind control have indicated being profoundly triggered after seeing or hearing his [Fritz Springmeier] pseudonym. Fritz was the name Josef Mengele used while hiding out in South America. “Spring” in occult lingo means new. Meier may be a derivative of the German word meister, which means master. Hence; the new master in the likeness of Josef Mengele.”

    Quote Source:
    “Fritz Springmeier – Another Human Tragedy”:

    • Do you have evidence of Fritz Springmeier putting forth disinformation?

    • TPR

       /  June 21, 2012

      You answered my simple question with a question. Interesting.

      My question was: Why go from a given name like Earl Schoop to a more strange & unusual CHOSEN name like Fritz Springmeier?

    • I wasn’t answering your question with a question. Before I can attempt to answer your question, I need to first establish the veracity of the claims on which your question lies.

      What is the source for the alleged name change to Schoop? And don’t you think it’s a bit sensational and dishonest to compare Springmeier to a Nazi? It’s usually Zionists who pull out this card.

  3. Wow- landed on this looking for a great link exposing Missler, and came back to a page I had forgotten all about and even commented on in the past. Good stuff here!

    When someone is an actual Christian, they have the Holy Spirit. They are eager to read the Word. One is less influenced by deception, as Satan’s power is lost when one accepts the free gift of Salvation through Christ. I immediately was able to recognize Satan’s “tricks” and easily waded through the sea of deception, guided by the Holy Spirit. I have met so called “Christians” who are downright FOOLED by this Missler quantum crap, HOW is this possible?? How is it, that someone can profess to be of Christ, yet not have the Holy Spirit indwelling in them?? better yet, WHY would someone profess to be- and NOT be? Are they even aware of their weird non-christian soul? I know of a “Christian” whom I overheard his girlfriend reading him his HOROSCOPE- this same “Christian” told me I shouldn’t use the KJV, “too complicated” lol. What benefit does a person have in claiming to be of Christ, yet NOT being of Christ.. can anyone tell me? What is the benefit, and why would anyone pretend to be one, and NOT be- do they actually believe they’re saved themselves??

    • Believer

       /  August 27, 2014

      A simple mind leads to erroneous conclusions. John Todd comes from a very shaky background with very little corroborating evidence with regards to his testimony and claims. While I do not doubt that the illuminati is real and a true subversion of all things Godly exists presently, I do not believe that Todd is a credible source.

      Missler opens his teachings in prayer and warning to his listeners. He is not a pastor he does not claim to be he merely shares his findings (guided by the Holy Spirit through prayer) to those who choose to listen to him. Additionally, he warns EVERYONE to take what he says with a grain of salt and be as the Bereans. He does not deny Christ and expresses His message as described in scripture. Missler’s “Quantum Crap” as you describe it is proven in science which lags behind the evidence already presented in God’s Word. The existence of 10 dimensions was determined by a rabbi through the study of Genesis long before modern string theory was ever hypothesized as an example.

      We as believers in the one true God are battling amongst ourselves more than we battle the enemy. As believers we should refrain from being the accuser (an acronym for Satan). This is not of God especially amongst others who share the same core belief with how one is received into the flock. Ultimately all of scripture is summed up in John 3:16 and it is very simple. Brother Missler does not contradict scripture in any way that is openly apparent to me and many others. On the contrary he enhances scripture through insight and wonderful gift of being able to put the listener/reader in the shoes of the author allowing us to see it from their perspective.

      As for the Zionist claims and what not. This is utter garbage. Yes the Rothschild’s carry a jewish name but have renounced their beliefs long ago. Yes they donated large amounts to Israel’s establishment but they’ve also donated to every other country on the planet as well. This is the nature of bankers. To spread their disease. So if you condemn the entire world then what does that say about you being of whatever nationality you are. Ultimately, this is Satan’s domain and we as believers are just visitors here. Scripture outlines in detail Israel’s role and position in God’s eyes. Our jobs are to spread the Truth, His Word. I implore all those who read this who are believers; stop fighting amongst yourselves and listen to what the Spirit is calling you to do and continue to fight the good fight.

      For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. – The Apostle Paul (through the Holy Spirit)

      May God bless.

  4. catstack

     /  July 15, 2012

    freetoairphoenix, since when does what we do or don’t do make us saved? It was Christ and what He did that saved us if we receive His sacrifise on our behalf (not that I would endorse using astrology or any of that.)

    Anyhow, I believe that Fritz and John were both in on info the illuminati didn’t like exposed and that was why both of them were set up to look like frauds and go to prison so they’d be discredited in the Christian community. I believe both these men were telling what they knew to be true of the globalists that want to destroy our nation. And Fritz’s friend, I forgot her name, but she also predicted to the letter what would be happening in our churches today. Now the cat’s out of the bag and a good amount of believers and Americans know about this and there is nothing these monsters can do despite imprisoning Fritz and John. The info is all over the internet and others are out there exposing this. No stopping it now.

  5. Melissa Lynn Luce

     /  September 1, 2012

    I would appreciate more links and or info on the story of Chuck Smith and it’s receiving illuminati money. I attended Calvary Chapel for most of my Christian life from 19-33yrs of age. Over the last 5yrs I have since attended a couple other churches, with no desire to go back. Although there are some beautiful people who attend and or teach, I felt a strong need to leave the community. My son and I often research the Illuminati and were shocked today to find out this info. It does make sense however with Missler. The church often had seminars and video tape series and visits from him as a guest speaker…that church goers flocked to.

    • Hello, Melissa. The information in my article is based on the testimony of a high-ranking Illuminist who defected and became a Christian, the late John Todd of the Collins Illuminati bloodline. Illuminati expert Fritz Springmeier fully endorses Todd as a credible witness as does Jack Chick of Chick Publications.

      Here is a recording of Todd’s testimony on the Illuminati financing of Calvary Chapel and the Jesus Rock movement that sprang up during the counter-culture movement of the ’60s.

      John Todd a former Illuminatist: (The Purpose of the Charismatic Movement & Rock Music)

      Search your feelings on this matter. The 1960s was a time of great Illuminist activity, especially through the CIA and the intelligence apparatus. The Jesus Rock movement coincided with a lot of other hippie sub-cultures, not the least of which was the Mason Family, and the murders, which were Illuminati hits. Manson was sent to kill Tate, who was a defecting witch. Illuminati don’t allow defectors to live usually. Anyways, the Chuck Smith movement reeks to me. I’ve experienced the charismatic movement myself. To me, it is a lot of brainwashing and mind control beneath the veneer of Christianity. If you have to become like the world to draw people to Christ, it defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Ask yourself, if there wasn’t all the rock music and high emotions, would people even go to those churches? And if not, what does that say about their sincerity about seeking Christ?

      Timothy Fitzpatrick

  6. dear Timothy Fitzpatrick how much did the devil give you to create lies about somebody else ? why do you let the envy and anger reign your heart ? think about and repent ! would you like somebody say the same words against you ?

    • Tell me something, why are you so desperate to hold on to the myth you have created around human leaders? Jesus, only, is Lord. Not Chuck Missler. If I have lied, show me where.

  7. I , like Melissa, Attended Calvary CHapel for about 7 years. I started wondering about all this when a few things happened, the most notable is when I mentioned Jack Chick to my pastor at Calvary once, and he said he is not to be trusted, a bit overboard. Also, I watched the Lonnie Frisbee Video, about his life, and calvary chapel days with Katherine Khulman and Chuck Smith at some youth thing, and Frisbee said while on LSD he accepted Jesus. Calvary Chapels pastors have free reign as well, and a board appointed over them is selected by the pastor himself. After 7 years in calvary’s, I started seeing a “good ole boy” network type of system, and never question a doctrine. Chuck Missler was at our church for several “prophecy” teachings, and Hal Lindsey also spoke at our church on many occasions when our pastor was somewhere else. I have seen other churches spawn from Calvary Chapels, not using the name, not under the corporate of calvery chapel, but are the exact same, almost like a nice way to cover new churches that are under calvery, but not under calvery. I also went to a church where a high ranking official from calvery came to “listen to the message” to ensure we were on target, I know this cause I asked him if he was going to attend this church now, and thats what he told me. This particular church fell apart and was not affiliated with calvary chapel, so why would this man have to check doctrine?

    Seems to me that the “wiles” of the devil is not just a phrase to be overlooked.


     /  October 31, 2012


  9. Michael

     /  November 5, 2012

    Dear Tim,
    Kindly send me recent event.or may I get old till now events of all the illuminati minister/evangelist and outcome of charismatics.I will be grateful.ghana

  10. All I want to repsond to is the part about saying Chuck might teach a “Seperate Salvation” for Jews. That’s not what a Dual Covenant means. The Church and Israle are seperate Covenant,s BOTH are seperate from Salvation. Chuck makes cllear when Disucsing the early chapter of Romans that in terms of Salvation there is no difference between a Jew and a Gentile.

    • Well, Chuck can sugarcoat or re-identify his Judaising any way he wishes, but it’s still Judaizing. Dual covenant theology is heresy either way. There was never any question in the early Church about covenants. It was only when the Jews got a hold of revolutionary terrorists like John Huss and Johannes Reuchlin that it suddenly became an issue. It’s a rather convenient situation for the Masonic state of Israel that Protestant groups take on an Old Testament approach by taking up the sword for the Whore of Babylon’s honour, completely neglecting the New Testament and Jesus’ warning that “those who take up the sword shall die by the sword.” Bottom line, there is no room in the Gospels or the Church for Judaizing heresies. We have all had enough of them for 600-plus years.

  11. Sarah

     /  November 17, 2012

    So Timothy, are you saying that there is no pre-tribulation rapture of the church? that it’s all made up by the Illuminati?

    • Hello, Sarah. If you go back and research the source of dispensationalism and the pre-trib doctrine, you will run into Freemasons and anti-Christian Jews. If you don’t believe me, go see for yourself. Dispensationalism is a Jewish doctrine that was insidiously implemented into the Christian faith through Masonic and Kabbalist saboteurs, particularly during the 16th century, which saw an explosion in Jewish magic (Kabbalism) in Europe, and the rise of Freemasonry in England after King Henry VIII’s sexual sin fractured his country. Most modern evangelical doctrines come from these Masonic-compromised pseudo Christians, like Scofield, Moody, Tyndale, and Calvin. It was an esoteric takeover.

      Johannes Pfefferkorn was a sincere Jewish convert to Christianity who helped the Spanish Inquisition snuff out Jewish magicians and witches trying to pervert Christianity from within. Unfortunately, other European nations didn’t follow suit and they were subsequently plagued with Jewish-inspired insurrections that led to perversion of Christian doctrine followed by civil anarchy. That is why we have all the sects, cults, and denominations that we have today. Germany and England were hotbeds of Jewish-Masonic subversion. Even Martin Luther regretted the perverse trajectory of the Reformation and tried to neutralize some of it by writing “The Jews and Their Lies.” Luther was sincere enough to see that he had been manipulated. The others weren’t.

    • Dan Bray

       /  April 21, 2013

      Heres a thought on the rapture. If the devil could convince that there would be a rapture of the really good people and then a tribulation where those left have a chance to repent wouldnt it create a kind of fall back plan for people. They could say “hey, well when all the good people get raptured, i ll start following the bible and doing Gods will then”. It kind of reminds me of the catholic purgatory doctrine. The bible says God will come like a theif in the nyt so we must be prepared everyday – the rapture doctrine can create a licence to sin until the good people get raptured then i ll start doing good, But if thier is no rapture and Jesus appears millions would have been fooled by rapture doctrine.

    • The Rapture WILL happen BEFORE the Tribulation. Anyone who thinks they can just accept Christ afterward will be taking a HUGE GAMBLE, as God Himself will give over many who had the opportunity to believe before the Rapture took place to the Lie. There will be many saved during the Great Tribulation, but with many who had the opportunity to believe beforehand, God will blind and give them over to believe the Lie (2 Thess. 2:11-12).

      Also, after the Rapture, God will primarily move His focus BACK to Israel. There will be SOME Gentiles saved during the Great Tribulation, as there were Gentiles saved even in the Old Testament (Ruth, Rahab, Namaan, etc.), but it will be primarily Israel again. The Tribulation Saints are the ONLY ones whom it is said will have to WASH THEIR OWN robes, and they are the ONLY ones called to “endure to the end.”

      The Church is SEALED by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:38-39), but the Tribulation Saints will not be, as the Holy Spirit will just be WITH them, and not in them. He will be working with them as He did for the Old Testament Saints.

  12. i’ve heard this before but i’ts interesting nonetheless.

  13. Truth

     /  February 16, 2013

    “The charismatic movement, in reality, was one of three steps declared back in 1964 to do two things: while the main function was to destroy the fundamental church of any type…the Masons was one, and the charismatic church was another…and the political manoeuvres was the third….” Declared by who?, I don’t know whether your source regarding missler is relaible or not. I don’t listen to his teachings as I believe some of them are unbiblical but I do know the danger of making sweeping statements about ‘the charasmatic movement’ the charasmatic movement is a very large one and of course within it there will be sections who believe and teach wildly different things but we need to substantiate claims. Much out there regarding the global elite and new world order is hype and separating fact from fiction to edify the body of Christ is a must.

  14. If you’ll notice, this article doesn’t use Scripture at all as it attacks Dr. Chuck Missler and Calvary Chapel. This is what should sound an alarm.

    “my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the body” (Ecclesiastes 12:12).

    We are called to test everything in accordance with the Word of God (Acts 17:11). I do believe some things that could be classified as “conspiracy theories,” but I believe them because it is where the Word of God has lead me (i.e. Genesis 6/Daniel 2:43/Revelation 8 hybridization, Political Islam/Sharia Law, RFID, etc.) I never build belief or accuse anyone based off a conspiracy theories though. The Word of God is always to be the foundation.

    I’ve heard many video and read articles of a similar nature countless times. Neither Chuck Missler nor Calvary Chapel has anything to do with the Illuminati.

    I’ve heard people say that Chuck Missler was a freemason before, but that is a bald-faced lie with no solid evidence whatsoever. If you want to understand the Illuminati and Freemasonry, I suggest you read Tom Horn’s book, “Apollyon Rising 2012.” Tom Horn has actually done many seminars with Dr. Chuck Missler, including one of the Hybrid Age.

    The subtitle of this webpage says it all: “Exposing the Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy.”

    If you’ll notice, the article doesn’t use Scripture to test the beliefs of Dr. Missler or Calvary Chapel. I test everything against SCRIPTURE and if Scripture leads me to conclude that “conspiracy theories” are correct (i.e. Genesis 6 hybridization, RFID, Political Islam and Shariah Law, etc.), then so be it. I never, however, use conspiracy theories to build up a belief and attack others, however. Let me give you an example to clear myself up:

    The attacks against Chuck Missler and Calvary Chapel largely stems from Anti-Semitism which is heresy. The Jews are still the people of God; we as Gentiles are just grafted into the promise, as “all the nations” in Genesis 12. The Jews did reject the Messiah and are blinded, yes, but they will not be blinded forever. God began His work with them again, beginning to elevate them back after World War II and the Holocaust (see Ezekiel 37). One day, the blindness of the Jews will be fully lifted, after the Church is taken in the Rapture and during the reign of the Antichrist. God will raise them up by the preaching of two witnesses in the Great Tribulation, and 144,000 Jews will be sealed to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom in the midst of the peril.

    The Church today proclaims the Gospel of God and His Grace. The Kingdom is in abeyance, however, because of the rejection of the Messiah by the Jews. When Christ returns to set up His Kingdom at the end of the Great Tribulation, He will rule from the Temple in Jerusalem with King David under Him.

    God is not finished with the Jewish people and because of this, Anti-Semites hate those like myself. But since Dr. Chuck Missler and Calvary Chapel have the bigger names, they attack them with lies. There is absolutely no real or solid evidence that he is a freemason or that Calvary Chapel is funded by the Illuminati.

    Fitzpatrick Informer is the fraud who is contriving lies against the body of Christ. He is an agent of Satan doing what Adolph Hitler did to the Jews on a much smaller scale; he’s not killing Jews, but he’s attacking and cursing them.

    • Jeremy W.

       /  February 19, 2013

      Michael you need to take off the blinders and see what is going on. Chuck Smith along with many many Calvary Chapel pastors have Gen. Jerry Boykin speak from their pulpits. He is absolutely 100% a Knights of Malta Freemason. Go look at the Emblamatic Structure of Freemasonry. Before you claim that they don’t know, check out where ex- calvary Chapel Roger Oakland confronted and exposed this to no avail. As far as Chuck Missler. The fellow over at Ephesians 511 blog has a lot of evidence. He uses scripture as well. The deceivers will keep you in the dark away from the light. Those who speak warning are arrested inside Calvary Chapels. Check out Nick V. exposing Ergun Caner and what happened. You might research the true beginnings of the Calvary Chapel movement. Why not start with Lonnie Frisbee the gay hippie preacher. How about the Shiloh communes? You clearly have a lot of research to do. You may discover that CC is closer to a cult. What is the diving dove really about? What about transferring pedophiles from church to church and sweeping rape and adultery under the rug? You may want to check out calvarychapelabuse.com The verse that fits Calvary Chapel the best to me is Rev. 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    • kim

       /  November 5, 2013

      Well said Michael. Its time people start searching the truth in Gods Word as His Holy spirit will reveal the truth to them. Im just a sinner saved by His Grace. Everything i read i double check with the Word of God. We are warned of false teachers and deception. His word is sound proof. Looking forward to the RAPTURE-greatest event that will ever happen and then the 1000 yr reign with MY KING AND SAVIOUR – JESUS CHRIST. What an awesome eternal future awaiting for the who soever.

    • Millennial reign has already happened. And keep waiting for your secret rapture. When it doesn’t happen, will you abandon your beliefs?

    • JJH

       /  June 27, 2014

      MICHAEL, Anti Semitism is the energy behind the anti Missler crowd?
      That is pretty lame Michael. I’m not an anti semite… but it is a FACT that Missler bud Avi Lipkin’s wife works for the Mossad.
      Lipkin shares that every time he speaks just to prevent anyone from “discovering” it.
      Is it not reasonable to believe that Lipkin is a Mossad asset also??
      After all, his vocation is traveling around to certain influential churches promoting pro Israeli agendas.
      I’m not saying that is bad, just sayin’.

      Your half cooked argument against Jeremy W’s claims are, sadly, too familiar for an ex Calchapper.
      How about discrediting just ONE of JW’s claims: Is Jerry Boykin, psy-ops specialist by vocation, a Knights of Malta member?
      Get back to us on that Michael.
      Yes or no would suffice, but feel free to expand on your findings

    • abey

       /  July 15, 2014

      God gave Israel the promised land but they threw it away. The Prophecies of returning to the land was to the second temple gathering, Now came Christ & on the cross said “It is Finished” his words are Spirit, his words are to the Old Testament Prophecy of Daniel “When he would have accomplished to scatter the power of the Holy people that all these things shall be finished” It does not say of a regathering but a dispersion to mean that the final gathering would be unto Himself , for he is the Land to the eternal inheritance confirming with the Prophecy of Jeremiah in 2 Maccabees 2 to the revelation of the Arc of the Covenant for just as Moses Moses saw his Inheritance so also them unto whom He is revealed ,again to the words of Jesus “You know not the Father neither the Son but them unto whom the Son please to reveal”.
      Now to this gathering a freemasonic one, none have witnessed the Glory, even collectively, contradicting the Prophecy. Thus this gathering is but to question for if it was God that gathered not a fly would harm them but instead is seen only violence from the beginning of its formation having not a day of peace. To top it are the many alters figured in the Freemasonic Israeli supreme court – The Golden Calf revealed. Not a single rabbi even lifts a finger against this Abomination. By the way Freemasonry(not to be deceived by the word free was established at the time of QE 1 of that ‘ole iniquity) is that come as the manifestation against the Woman to the Enmity put by God between the serpent & the Woman at Eden, & by their seeds with the seed being the Lamb itself & her remnant seed are the 1,44,000 , the Sons of God to Spiritual Israel, who keep the Commandments of God( to the two for in it hang all the law & Prophets) & have His testimony- The Spirit of Prophecy. They who are not defiled by women meaning averse to any sort of sexual corruptions, the core of which is Sodom. Zech Ch 5 to the Flying Scroll(fremasonry) & the wickedness in an Ephah that drives/governs it, much seen today.

    • Michael. “Antisemitism” isn’t heresy, it is self-survival.

    • Mary Louise

       /  December 11, 2014

      Michael, the “Holocaust” is a big hoax.Get over your Jew worship, they loathe and despise Christians.

    • Mary Louise

       /  December 11, 2014

      The fact that Missler collaborates with Tom Horn is sufficient to discredit him. Horn is an anti-Catholic liar.

  15. Reader

     /  March 23, 2013

    I was interested in Chuck Missler for a time, watched his videos and listened to him in person. He mixes up a lot of historical or biblical truth with the lies – the most convincing lies are 95% true. I was always a bit wary of his excessive use of symbolism, the medallions you could buy/earn (a Christian’s rewards are in heaven), his intelligence agency connections, his very successful business style approach and some of his interpretations of prophecy that didn’t quite add up. The proof of his being an Illuminati shill for me was his giving Jews (i.e. non-Christians) the podium as they preached on the dangers of Muslims etc., as though the Pharasaic contempt and blasphemy of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ, could somehow be set aside for issues of even greater importance.

  16. Lorraine Magarian

     /  April 3, 2013

    LORD, let Your Truth be known and Your Holy Name be glorified. Amen!

  17. TPR

     /  July 15, 2013

    From June 2012: Just seeing your/TF final reply. Why don’t you ask Pastor John S. Torell (who had dealings with Fritz back in the 1990’s). The link/info provided in original comment re FS’s “mind control triggering name” was from Torell’s site:

    If you’re concerned re disinfo, how much of FS’s books/writings exposed the Jewish NWO connection? Isn’t that the “dead giveaway” of a “gatekeeper” if someone does not expose the “Jewish connection” (per your own site contents)?

    Torell also had personal dealings with John Todd (see his/Torell’s site). How much of his/Todd’s info exposed the Jewish connection?

    • I think there is value in Fritz Springmeier’s work. Having said that, he does avoid the Jewish question in general; however, at times he does address it. For example, in Bloodlines of the Illuminati, a revived Jewish Sanhedrin is a recurring theme Springmeier illustrates as the ultimate goal of the Illuminati. Todd totally avoided the Jewish question and even outright denied its validity when asked during his church tours. He was totally WASP, as is Springmeier. But again, I think there is value in some of the things he said, specifically regarding the music industry. I doubt either of the two men were/are gatekeepers, although it is certainly possible. In contrast, personalities like Alex Jones, David Icke, Max Keiser, Jesse Ventura, Mark Dice are definitely gatekeepers.

  18. TPR

     /  July 15, 2013

    Why would you lump William Tyndale in with the supposed “Jewish fake dispensationalists”? Tyndale, a scholar & translator of the “Catholic” Latin Vulgate into English, died a martyr in 1536 for doing so, betrayed by Henry Phillips (timeline: Luther died 1546; Calvin 1564). Maybe you meant someone else, not Tyndale. — Calvin is another story altogether (see the small book, “The Judaizing Calvin”).

    • E. Michael Jones alerted me to Tyndale. He writes in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact On World History,

      Many have noted this change in English culture and the subsequent rise of Britian as the philosemetic nation. Barbara Tuchman noticed that “England changed” during the 16th Century even though she “cannot fix upon the exact date … when the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob became the English God.” She believes the main reason “the heroes of the Old Testament replaced the Catholic saints” was Tyndale’s translation of the Bible, smuggled into England in 1526 in false bottom wine casks transported by Sephardic Jewish merchants. Tyndale’s translation, says Tuchman, influenced England even until the Balfour Agreement establishing the Jewish presence in Palestine in the early twentieth century. (pg. 329)

      …More than Tyndale’s translation of the Bible, Dee is responsible for turning England into the Judaizing nation par excellence.… (pg. 332)

    • TPR

       /  May 12, 2014

      So funny, the Tyndale accusation crosses my mind once in awhile but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen it! Then today I find myself back at this article at your site via a google search re Fritz due to the new 4 articles about him at Henry Makow’s site (post dates 5/8-12/14). So I’m laughing at myself & my lousy memory after again seeing my/your comments further above from 2012 & 2013, & now it’s 2014!

      Back to Tyndale, my first thought re Tyndale using “Jewish merchants” is that they were probably the only ones who owned ships! (think: the Jews also owned all the ships that brought the Aftican slaves to America). Jews were/are still the guys with the $$$ so naturally they owned more businesses than others. It would be like looking for a lawyer today, most of them are Jewish (humor there).

      So that one accusation re Tyndale doesn’t “shake my boat.” He most likely used whatever merchant he could find & they were probably all Jewish, maybe even “righteous” Jews who wanted to help. You never know for sure.

      And since that Tyndale quote came from Barbara Tuchman, my second thought was, who was she? The JEWISH Virtual Library says:

      “Barbara Wertheim [later married Tuchman] was born on January 30, 1912, in New York City, to Alma and Maurice Wertheim, both of their families were distinguished. Her father was a banker, publisher, philanthropist and was president of the American Jewish Committee, 1941-1943. Her maternal grandfather, Henry Morgenthau Sr., was ambassador to Turkey, and her uncle, Henry Morgenthau Jr., was Secretary of the Treasury under President Franklin D. Roosevelt”:

      So, hmm, Jewish lady with deep connections wittingly or unwittingly gives Tyndale a “bad rap” (in the eyes of modern Catholic Jewish-conspiracy researchers) for possibly having used Jewish merchants to ship his English Bible translations to English-speaking England. Big deal.

      If Tyndale hadn’t used whichever merchants, Jewish or not, the people of England may still not have English Bibles, & us neither if the RCC had had its way (“Nobody can understand the Bible but the priests!” >> Raised Catholic. Been there, done that.)

      Lastly, God can use Jews to help Christians, whether they (the Jews) realize it or not. They pay better so you can work less hours leaving more time for the Lord’s work, not to mention the Jewish boss gets a Gospel witness in the process (been there, done that, too, & with total flex hours, long before flex-time became a fad, without which I could have never survived physically).

      Food for thought, & take care as I may not make it back here until next year, lol.

  19. TPR

     /  July 15, 2013

    PS re Calvin: If interested, I put together a few photos, reviews, & info re the author of that 1593 small book re Calvin the Judaizer, here (part-time hobbie, “book covers”):

  20. gkruz

     /  August 8, 2013

    You seem less than scrupulous or consistent in your sources. I was under the impression you are a Catholic, yet you quote approvingly Jack Chick, a vicious anti-Catholic and a total Judaizer/Zionist, as well as a man whose veracity on facts is not to be trusted.

    • Indeed you are correct regarding that article. I didn’t know then what I know now about Chick. However, I think he adds some weight to the article. I would rather not change it.

    • gkruz

       /  August 10, 2013

      I agree that we should not “Sovietize” our mistakes and try to pretend we never said them (an impossible task in any case now that the internet caches everything forever, it seems). Not seeing any follow up, I just assumed that you may not have been aware of Chick’s true nature. Do you think it possible he is an agent, and not merely a true believer?
      Otherwise, thanks for the thoughftul blog and keep up the good work!

  21. crownedone1

     /  August 21, 2013

    Chuck Missler is not a part of the illuminati. However, he is a free mason, and that is not much better. The lodge dogma is agnosticism and pushes for ecumenical union among religions. This is apostasy and anti-Christ.

    Never trust a spiritual word that comes out of the mouth of a mason or jesuit. Trust the Bible only for truth.

  22. For all of you beloved in the Lord out there, who are sincerely seeking truth, praying and studying the word, may the Lord continue to bless and use you. Remember, Jesus said, “when the Holy Spirit comes, He will lead us into all truth.” Continue to pray and specifically ask the Lord for truth. Ask Him our right, “Lord, what does “such and such” mean, I think you’ll be amazed how often He answers, and the answers always line up with scripture. As we move closer and closer to the “great deception” of Thess. 2: we need to learn to hear the voice of the Spirit better, and better. Buy the way for any believers out there still in the dark about the diabolical Zionist plot, go to your search engine and type in quotes, “Israeli supreme court building.”

  23. Nobody Nowhere

     /  August 30, 2013

    Everyone out there that trades in paper currency (me included) are funded by the Illuminati or ruling elite or whatever you’d like to call them. We’re all guilty of the same “sin” if you extrapolate out the situation. For those who don’t take the “wise as serpents” passage in the scripture literally, well that’s simply due to living in a sheltered environment with no true persecution and hardship. To be wise as serpents is to know them to know their tactics to know their ways as a defense mechanism to barrier ourselves (believers) against their tactics. I see no false doctrine in Dr. Missler’s teachings and additionally he explicitly tells you the listener not to believe a word he says but to search it out yourselves like the Bereans.

    So stop pointing fingers, we’re all sinners we all deserve eternal torment and for those of us that believe it is only by the grace of God that we are spared.

  24. Patti Van Tine

     /  October 3, 2013

    John Todd is a liar. Period. I remember him well when Calvary Chapel was in it’s infancy and for reasons only known to him, he attacked, maligned and make every sort of foul accusation against Chuck. I’ve known Chuck and his wife for some 40 yrs now; I’ve seen his character and integrity in and out of the pulpit IN PERSON and all I can say is the at the very least the accusations made are without any foundation at at the most are sheer arrogance and pure evil designed to destroy and malign a genuine servant of the Lord. How tragic a figure John (Johnny) Todd is and was and I pray for anyone who takes his words seriously.

    • Why are you focusing on Todd while ignoring the information I have presented, which makes up the bulk of this article?

    • Lillianna White

       /  February 23, 2014

      Because she has her head in the sand, or she is another illuminati hireling…

  25. What Pattie Van Tine said. I know my Bible, not only by way of Missler, but by way of many others, but also of my own study. It is easy to discredit someone. I am not worshiping Missler, I worship God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  26. Maximo Moreno

     /  April 17, 2014

    If Chuck Missler is funded by the illuminati, he sure is teaching a lot of things that are not taught throughout the worlds platform and this means that he is ordained to teach The Word of God YHWH. Chuck Missler does have a background in deep Government dealings but he is way off the beating path of an illuminist

  27. Alex Sandstone

     /  May 12, 2014

    One can learn much about The Bible from Chuck Missler speaking about The Bible codes which come from Yahweh himself. It is up for a person to accept the Holy Spirit into their lives and follow the direction The Holy Spirit leads you to go

    • This is completely contrary to the Bible, which is religion revealed, not religion concealed. The Bible code heresy is gnosticism: “come to us for secret knowledge and power” (gnostic heirarchy). Well, that’s not how God (truth) works. The truth is freely available to anyone who seeks it. Christianity has been revealed, not concealed in some ridiculous kabbalistic gematria (numerology). Kabbalah is anti-Christ.

  28. Reblogged this on Yahushua's Cleansing Reign and commented:
    Is this article 100% true? I doubt it. But for months now I have been held back from listening to Chuck Missler. I could not shake the feeling something was not quite right. Well, I think the Holy Spirit is showing me here why I am feeling this way.

    For the record I do NOT believe or agree with everything that is being said in this article. But there are truths in it and you must discern with the Holy Spirits guidance what is truth and what is not.

  29. Steve Vining

     /  June 10, 2014

    Yes good article Sharon. The US government is going to project bluebeam a weapon for to cause beams into the sun causing solar flares. By the way two more X class flares are in route to earth this morning could cause disruptions, earthquakes probably caused by the government.Back to project blue beam will be used soon with chemtrails to project holographic images of a false Jesus with a fake rapture telling everyone that rapture has come and gone and to instruct people what and where to go to FEMA camps and another of ufo invasion and finally pope francis projected all over the world.They have many satanic tricks up there sleeves yet to deceive the Christians whose eyes aren’t open yet and yes the sleeping Christians will fall for this.Something else to look up is PROJECT BLUE BEAM HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES BY THE ILLUMINATI.

  30. One of Missler’s greatest lies was when he said this guy named Cornuke found Apostle Paul’s anchors. And where did they claim to find them? Just outside the Island of Malta. Malta is believed by some to be the tip of Atlantis.

  31. Alison

     /  June 29, 2014

    I have been watching Cuck Misslers youtube classes for 6 months now. I already had a very good knowledge of the Bible and I found his added info like the geography etc really helpful so I became a fully fledged fan. Recently however I have noticed him using some really dodgey techniques ( slight of hand) and not dealing honestly with the word. It becomes more clear when you use a KJV to go through what he is saying as he goes along. He is definately a mason or has some strong ties. The only teacher I can ever recommend now is the Spirit and Word. I feel really sorry for New Christians or those trying to navigate towards the truth, it getting very very murky out there. Thank you for your site.

    • Alison, Dr. Chuck Missler is NOT in anyway connected with either the Freemasons or any of the Illuminati organizations. He is one of the greatest Bible teachers alive today and one of the most godly men that anyone could have the opportunity to learn from. Read Philippians 4:22; 1 Kings 19:9-14, 18, and Ezekiel 6:8-14. In Philippians 4:22, God even had people in CAESAR’S own household; CAESAR being the leader of the world at that time AND the very one torturing the early Christian church. Many such as “Fitzpatrick Informer” and others claim that Dr. Missler’s prestigious career makes him part of the New World Order, but this is without merit. God always has His remnant in ALL classes of people, from the peasants to the kings. That is what the parable of the Wheat and Tares is all about, for the field is NOT the Church but the “field” is the “WORLD.” There are both WHEAT and TARES that are peasants, both WHEAT and TARES that are middle class, both WHEAT and TARES that are rich, and both WHEAT and TARES that are the nobility and rulers. Believers and unbelievers side by side growing until Christ returns. There are TRUE believers within even the Illuminati organizations such as the Bilderbergs, CFR, and Trilateral Commission, for God always has HIS remnant in Caesar’s household.

      I suggest you read this article that Dr. Missler posted to the K-House website, for word reached him about the gossip circulating the internet about him. That is all it is, gossip; he does not mention any names or ministries, but states that he has never been involved with any agenda by the Illuminati. http://www.khouse.org/articles/2012/1069/

  32. abey

     /  July 15, 2014

    The second beast that rises from the land having two lamb like horns , which are Technology & Sorcery, though innocent sounding is deadly in the combination.

  33. To the persons that describe the rapture as a way to deceive people into thinking that they have a second chance to repent, this is Genius, the bible say that Jesus church will be given a hiding place in the wilderness, from the devastation of the last days. And the bible never speaks about the Rapture, and the word rapture in not in the bible, the rapture was created by man not God. For those people that think that they can continue in their sins and have this second chance, consider the Bridemaids, were some had oil in their lamps and the others ran out, and Jesus came to collect all the bridemaids but it was too late for those that had ran out of oil, and missed their chance to leave with Jesus, and was not give a second chance. this is a metaphor for going back into sin, and not continuing in God’s will and was left out in the cold, when Jesus came back for them.

  34. I believe that some people are out to discredit John Todd, so people won’t continue to believe the truth, that he put out there, the Satanist are running scared to a degree, and they want to discredit people like Todd, Think about it what did Todd have to gain by telling his story. And now he is dead, sounds familiar, most people who speak out about the Illiminati die or change their stories or start to play crazy.

  35. DB

     /  July 26, 2014

    The word “Rapture” is derived from the Latin word, rapio, meaning “caught-up” or “taken-up”. There is no English equivalent so the Latin is used. However, it is a correct and precise translation of the Greek.
    Please refer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapture#Greek

    The Koine Greek of 1 Thessalonians 4:17 uses the verb form ἁρπαγησόμεθα (harpagisometha), which means “we shall be caught up” or “taken away”, with the connotation that this is a sudden event. The dictionary form of this Greek verb is harpazō (ἁρπάζω).[15] This use is also seen in such texts as Acts 8:39, 2Corinthians 12:2-4 and Revelation 12:5.

    The Latin Vulgate translates the Greek ἁρπαγησόμεθα as rapiemur,[16] from the verb rapio [rapture] meaning “to catch up” or “take away”.[17]

    English versions of the Bible have translated rapiemur in various ways:

    The Wycliffe Bible (1395), translated from the Latin Vulgate, uses “rushed”.[18]
    The Tyndale New Testament (1525), the Bishop’s Bible (1568), the Geneva Bible (1587) and the King James Version (1611) use “caught up”.[19]
    The New English Bible, translated from the Greek,[20] uses “suddenly caught up” with this footnote: “Or “snatched up.” The Greek verb ἁρπάζω implies that the action is quick or forceful, so the translation supplied the adverb “suddenly” to make this implicit notion clear.”
    Blessings, DB

  36. james d huss jr

     /  August 24, 2014

    i would like you to contact me on using (A former high-ranking Illuminati member claims American evangelist Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel) in a reserch book

    • What’s the book?

    • abey

       /  August 26, 2014

      Dominion theory is but an Agenda of Zionism, off the general Protestant interpretation of Mathew 11:12 . “From the days of John, the kingdom suffers ,& the violent take it by force” Now when the Pharisees(denoting the synagogues of satan) under Herod(to freemasonry) always taunting Jesus, were also seeking the Kingdom of heaven & unto them He said “the kingdom of God is among you ” meaning Himself. Likewise the words “The Kingdom suffers” to mean his suffering, for from the time John declared the Messiah the Pharisees started the plot to kill Him, unto the words “The violent take it by force”. To the Lords prayer, the Kingdom comes from God(uncut by Hand) confirming the words “Neither by might or power but by my Spirit” says God. Now the Protestant interpretation to Mathew 11:12 is other way round into a Dominion theory favoring Zionism.
      Freemasonry the very Entity off the Enmity in Theosophic Philosophies by the synagogues of satan is today denoted by the British Freemasonic Israeli Supreme court to the many alters figured within it -Egypt.
      Three events were manipulated by Masonry around the nineteen fourties1) The planting of Pseudo gospels in Nag Hammadi to Gnosticism to undermine the Church 2)Zionism to the gathering 3) The planting of a prominant Hindu idol(connected to the alters figured as mentioned) under a disputed Mosque,in India, to the Prophesied Abomination of desolation, creating the hatred & spreading the violence all over furthered by the false flag operations unto the day, in other words neutralizing the Muslims that stand in the way of the Prophesized Abomination.

  37. Verses in the King James Bible and words of Jesus NEVER heard from Missler’s mouth or John Hagee.
    Question: Who does the Bible alone say KILLED JESUS

    A: 1 Thess 2:14-15 …even as they have of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, ….

    Q: Is there another plan of salvation for unbelieving Jews?

    A: Act 4:12 – Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    Q: Did Jesus take the Kingdom of God from the Jews?

    A: Mat 21:43 – Therefore say I (Jesus speaking to the Jews) unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

    Mat 21:44 – And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.

    Mat 21:45 – And when the chief priests and Pharisees had heard his parables, they perceived that he spake of them.

    Mat 23:15 – Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees (ALL Pharisees are Jews) , hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

    There is only one door and it is Jesus and any Jew who rejects Jesus is rejected of God.

    1 Cor 16:22 – If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema (CURSED) Maranatha. (ask any Jew if they love Jesus…)

    Revelation 2:9 – I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. (Jesus said this…)

    ever hear of the kaballah?

    John 5:16 – And therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus, and sought to slay him, because he had done these things on the sabbath day.

    Jhn 5:18 – Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making himself equal with God.

    Jhn 7:1 – After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.

    Act 9:23 – And after that many days were fulfilled, the Jews took counsel to kill him

    Act 23:12 – And when it was day, certain of the Jews banded together, and bound themselves under a curse, saying that they would neither eat nor drink till they had killed Paul.

    Act 26:21 – For these causes the Jews caught me in the temple, and went about to kill me.

    Rev 3:9 – Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. (Jesus said this)

    Jesus the antisemite?

  38. dachsielady

     /  October 12, 2014

    Here is a recent article exposing blatant extensive plagiarism by Chuck Missler.


    This is Patrick Wood’s website who also has AugustReview.com and is Protestant of the dispensational kind also, I think.

    One great thing I learned from Missler was that the prophecies about Jesus coming from the line of David were fulfilled. Mary and Joseph’s genealogies are given in the New Testament, in Luke and Mathew I think. I can’t pull up full facts right now but Mary and Joseph were descended through Nathan and through Solomon who were brothers and who were the children of David. Since Mary is the physical mother of Jesus and she is descended from the House of David and Jewish genealogy traces back through the mother, the prophecies were perfectly fulfilled. Joseph was only the foster father of Jesus and not physically related to Jesus, but he too descended from the House of David.

    I never could get any good clear teaching from any Catholic teacher on that subject.

    I listened to much Protestant bible teaching over the years and have learned to eat the meat and spit out the bones. More recently, there have come on the scene some good Catholic lay bible teachers and apologists, but sad to say they are about 30 years too late for many of us. I was always wanting straight preaching from the bible and never could get much clear bible teaching at Mass from priests.

    I have learned that Protestantism was influenced by Bucer and Beza and their Geneva bible. It, according to Robert Sungenis, was a translation that laid the subtle foundations of dispensational theology because it apparently conveyed the idea that the modern nation state of Israel and its people is the fulfillment of OT prophecy. I would like to read the book by Stephen Sizer about Scofield as he I think does a good job of showing where this scripture twisting took hold. Suggest obtaining Christian Zionism: A Modern Oxymoron by Robert Sungenis from isoc.ws

    I believe that basic Catholic dogma most closely and most clearly adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ in the bible. Get the little booklet by MostHolyFamilyMonastery.com on showing how the doctrines clearly are what Jesus taught. (Re. MHFM – I eat the meat and spit out the bones.) The Church was infiltrated by Freemasonry which is Cabalistic Judaism which is also the Illuminati. Salvation is not “faith alone.” It is not once saved always saved. And having a joy filled, warm “personal relationship with Jesus” is not how Jesus described walking with him. He said take up your cross and follow me.

    • andrew

       /  October 22, 2014

      What i can say to the world just forcuse on the holyspirit

  39. Michael D Talvola

     /  December 10, 2014

    This is an absolutely ridiculous / ludicrous smear job, and as far from the truth as Truth can be. I can’t speak directly of Chuck Smith or of John Todd, but Chuck Missler is the most Biblically serious Christian scholars I’ve ever encountered.

    About four years ago, I “accidentally” stumbled across Chuck Missler’s Biblical Commentaries online and began listening to them skeptically.

    I next ended up buying a KJV, Strong’s Concordance, several Bible dictionaries, and several other commentaries. I began to see the Bible in a whole new light – spending hours checking Scripture, looking up each and every Word in a passage with Strong’s and focusing on exact meanings and being as exactly precise (and LITERAL) in each exacting detail as possible – and trying to understand it all in cultural and historical context as I can. This is the approach Missler teaches.

    Acts 17:11 – that is the cornerstone of Missler’s ministry.

    Pray. Listen. Look. Check. Study. Learn ex-positionally. Take God’s Word seriously. Understand that God is the SAME yesterday today and forever. Therefore LOOK in the Old Testament to Understand, Prove, and Clarify the New Testament. God didn’t “change”. And He didn’t create the “New Testament” to fix His “mistakes”. God forbid!

    How you can say that this is the approach taught and followed by “the Illuminati” (DEEP BIBLICAL SCHOLARSHIP?!?)? And further, without doing you OWN due diligence, how can you such uninformed, nonsensical, illogical, untrue, and DAMNING FALSE WITNESS against a fellow Christian?

    It really makes me wonder what “christ” / “christ” “consciousness” you must be following. Further, IF you reject Scripture, Biblical Scholarship, and reverence for God, and God’s Word, then what on Earth do you think is the “truth”??

  40. abey

     /  December 12, 2014

    Now that the rotten apples of the CIA seems to have been borrowed from the spirit behind the Israeli supreme court, is but worthwhile to look at the many alters figured in the British Freemasonic Israeli supreme court to “The Hindu Vishnu” (Egypt) even unto the mark of the Beast to its name & the No. unto its “Avatars” , incidentally the seal of Solomon called the ring of Vishnu, “the Prince of the power of air, the spirit that works in the children of disobedience” into the day’s media, contrary to the name of God, to Freemasonry by Theosophy – The Biblical “False Prophet” unto the New Age going by the name of “Consciousness” says much to the happenings implicating ” Innocent Bush’ into their secret gods, with all the Evil that is vomitted out inc. the false flag operations. Bush who again during his presidency was given the so- called “Esther Scroll” by the Zionists, whoring after other gods, awarded as the “Prince of Meshech & Tubal,” (says much to the Scythian ways) revealing the contents of the rotten apples. Rottenness only breeds rottenness, excavated from the dustbins of time, even to the ignorance of people like the Chuck Missler,s.

  41. dachsielady

     /  December 12, 2014

    No one seemed to be impressed or comment on my link to solid proof of gross plagiarism by Chuck Missler.

    The man is flim-flam, sorry to say, but he did have some good things in the way of explaining some of the scriptures. I have learned to eat the meat and spit out the bones.

    The lid is being blown off big-time these days. The whole Missler / Coeur d’Alene Idaho dispensationalist big conferences and John Loeffler and all the dispensationalist preachers and alternative media types and “conservative Christianity” gang is having their false theology being, thank God, exposed for its gross errors. I will let God judge these people and pray that I do not have anger in my heart toward them but also pray that I continue to speak the truth in love.

    Dr. Kent Hovind has had the honesty to change his understanding of there being a “pre-tribulation rapture.” He has now written a book from prison giving his current understanding of end times. PRAY for Kent Hovind that he be let out of prison in the next few weeks as was the original release date. He has been unjustly imprisoned for 8 years and our crooked legal system and government is trying to lock him up for at least 20 more years on more trumped up charges. God is still working miracles.

    Who am I?

    I am behind communism
    I am behind radical feminism
    I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”
    I am behind multiculturalism
    I am behind anti-Christianity

    I am behind a one world government
    I am the “divider and conquerer”
    I am the race baiter and the slave trader
    I am censorship
    I am anti-gun

    I am open borders
    I am eminent domain
    I am against English as the official language of the government
    I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation
    I am the reason your daughter has such low self esteem and dresses like a whore

    I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
    I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money
    I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography
    I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty – and imprisons the innocent

    I am the nation’s high end drug dealer
    I am the re-writer of history to my advantage
    I am the military industrial complex
    I am an unregulated nuclear state
    I am an international terrorist

    I am the WTC ‘93, OKC ‘95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident
    I am “war by way of deception”
    I am the aggressor – yet always the victim
    I am the eternal radical
    I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green

    I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
    I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution
    I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated
    I succeed when you fail
    I have killed more innocents than any others

    I am your last, your current, and your next war

    Who am I?

    Thank you to Citizen Fitz

  42. Anonymous

     /  January 1, 2015

    Todd would never lie, he is a good guy right?

    • Who knows, but what would Todd possibly have gained by telling such a story? I don’t see any personal benefit for him by accusing Calvary Chapel of being Illuminist.

    • dachsielady

       /  January 2, 2015

      I used to follow a bit a guy named Zeph Daniel who wrote a book called “Lamb”.

      Anyway, Zeph told about some obscene evil things going on at Chuck Smith’s Cavary Chapel in California. I cannot repeat the obscene things that Zeph said went on there, but if his allegations have some some subtance, and others can attest to similar observations, then this would make Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel an Illuminati-type entity.

      “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

  43. abey

     /  January 2, 2015

    The term is not Evangelist but Christian Zionism in the likes of Missler/Jones/Pinto/David Bay/ David Ike etc, mixing truth with lies as do Freemasons & even The Real Jew man portraying himself as a Russian Orthodox in an abstract form whom the Church has not accepted & the scores of preachers today. The point is not the false information by so many, underscored by Vishnu unto its avatars to the many alters figured, in the Freemasonic by theosophy, the biblical false Prophet, in the British Israeli supreme court to the Golden Calf-The Lie off Eden , but the point is magnifying the Lie come by “The “Strong Delusion ” from God even through & especially the best of intelligence, so that those who have not the Love of the truth may believe it, for a Delusion from God is no ordinary thing & the only way to discern is through faith even unto the words of St. Paul “Nothing can separate us from Christ” – The Apostolic Faith . A small eg. of this delusion is the hardening of the Pharaohs heart through his magicians unto finally destroying them, is but to ponder at the words of Jesus “Fear not the ones who can harm the body but rather fear the one who can both kill the body & destroy the soul in hell” , the world especially the west today lacks the fear of God. This Strong delusion brought out unto the world through a people gathered by Zionism through Freemasonry., established in the modern at the time of QE1, off that ‘ole iniquity.

  44. Anonymous

     /  March 12, 2015

    Psalm 109

  45. abey

     /  March 16, 2015

    The basic understanding to the salvation, against the confusions of the day especially by the preachers of Babylon, is but in the OT to looking up the Brazen serpent on the pole, to the Prophecy concerning eternal salvation unto the redemption & the subsequent salvation by His Grace, off words of Jesus “Pick up your crosses & follow me’ is to say Look up unto him on the cross by picking up our own crosses to equate with him unto God. . This comes about through following the two commandments 1) Love thy God 2) Love thy brethren , for in it hang all the Law & the Prophets, for the Son of man comes not to destroy the Law & the Prophets but to fulfill it (establish it) in the spirit & truth of it, as Envisioned by God in the first place. There is suffering in this which the preachers hide deluded by the Protestant “Faith only” stuff become unto “Pleasing words to itching ears”..
    The two commandments denote the two tablets of stone given unto Moses then in the letter, now come in the Spirit . Moreover the iconic image of Jesus lifting up his right hand with its two fingers pointed up denotes the Two commandments . Lest to say as is written “If you do not pick up your crosses & follow me you cannot be my disciples” for they the Elect of God to Romans 8:19, now witnessed moving in the Spirit, loved not their lives( to crucify the flesh unto its desires) but kept the Commandments to the Two & have the testimony of Jesus – the Spirit of Prophecy.
    Lo Babylon is apt at quoting scriptures but have not its revelations for even the devil quoted scriptures to the temptations with people like Missler, in their conveniently biased expressions & expansions is but to say comes not by the Spirit but by the Intellect.

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